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India: employment visa

Job permits are usually eligible for one year and can be renewed up to five times.


Eligibility for Work Permit

Overseas citizens who intend to operate in India must first get a work permit.

Persons who are eligible for work permits include:

  • Workers who are competent or educated
  • International people are touring India to work in Indian enterprises or international firms working on assignments in India.


In particular, if there are many domestically competent workers, work permits are not provided for typical secretarial/clerical jobs. Furthermore, the overseas citizen must earn a wage that surpasses USD25,000 annually. Nevertheless, some people operating for a consulate or higher commission in India—ethnic chefs, teaching assistants (other than Language instructors), interpreters, and staff—are exempt from the USD 25,000 income level.


Steps of obtaining the work permit in India

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Step 1: File for the work permit in the candidate’s home nation

Just an Indian embassy or consular can grant permits. But The work visas must be filed in the candidate’s homeland or the foreigner’s region of domicile if the candidate has spent more than two years permanently in that region.

For the course of the operating license, the candidate is not allowed to switch employers. Nonetheless, the MHA has emphasized that this does not apply to transfers from a licensed operating firm to a subordinate or, conversely, transfers of employment among branches of a licensed owning business.

The candidate must fill and provide the required papers in addition to the appropriate registration file:

  • A passport with a least duration of six months is required
  • Photos in passport size
  • Passport copy
  • A duplicate of the completed registration form
  • Statement of employment
  • Memorandum of agreement
  • Candidate’s CV
  • Authorization of an organization
  • Notice of Obligation for Taxes
  • Specifications of the program
  • Sponsorship document from an Indian organization
  • Employer’s rationale statement



Since this necessary enrollment at the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) is dependent on the workplace as indicated on the permit, the expected business company and the site of labor in India must be properly mentioned when filing for a work permit. The length of the visa determines the price and duration.

Regardless of the duration of the work agreement, the work permit is usually effective for one year. It can be extended up to five years afterward by submitting a request to the FRRO. Yet, there are several exceptions. For instance, an overseas specialist may be granted a five-year residency, whereas a very trained IT professional may be granted three.


Step 2: Acquire a work permit in India

If their permits are legitimate for more than six months or if the validity mark demands this authorization, all overseas citizens must file with the police officials at the regional authorization agency in under two weeks of their time of entry. A foreigner with a six-month or shorter visa who desires to reside in India further than the expiry term must apply within 14 days of arriving in India.

A registry book comprising the candidate’s most recent picture, data of residency, as well as other data will be given to the candidate after filing for the permit. In addition, their passport will be certified as evidence of enrollment. Any irreversible alteration in the foreigner national’s location, any projected departures from the listed residence for eight weeks or longer, must be reported to the government agencies.

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