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India: visa requirements

Flag of India

Visa types

Tourist visa

Operation Conditions. You must give your genuine registered passport, including one duplicate of the particular information sheet of your passport.

Your passport must:

  • Be authentic for half a year beyond the validity of your requested visa.
  • Contain at least two blank visa sheets for the visa stamp (countersign sheets can not be used to fulfill this demand).
  • Not be rasped, torn, separating, or altered in any other way.

Business visa

This type of visa is granted for a period of 5 times. The requirement is that the applicant is supposed to prove bonafide purposes, that’s a letter from the company.

Employment visa

An employment visa is granted for a duration of 12 months or a period of contract. The applicant is supposed to show proof of employment (appointment document) terms and conditions etc.

Student visa

This type of visa is granted for a duration of five years. The applicant is supposed to present evidence of admission to an Indian is also extendable in India.

Visa conditions

  • Two passport-size pictures, most recent.
  • A yellow fever certificate document.
  • The passport should also contain one clear page.
  • An applicant Bank statement for the previous six months with sufficient balance.
  • Evidence of proposed dates of a trip similar to the air ticket and hostel bookings etc.
  • Ticket printout.
  • For business purposes, a letter of assignation is needed from India. It takes 2 days to reuse.
  • A Letter from the applicant for tourism letter acknowledging the reason and dates of the trip also places to be visited.

In the year 2013, India resolved to initiate the process of extending visa-on-appearance access to 40 further nations. In January 2014, plans were verified by the Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs and Planning of India. The sixteen different types of visas would also be reduced to three work, business, and tourism. The offer originally met resistance from intelligence agencies and the possible problem of ranges surfaced.

In September 2014 Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that the United States would be added to the list of countries whose citizens may gain a visa on appearance. Still, in October 2014 the planned preface of the new-Visa system was pushed from 2 October 2014 to June 2015. It was also revealed that the list of visas on appearance countries was doubtful to be expanded in 2014.

In November 2014 it was announced that the visa system might be rolled out for about 25 countries including the 13 countries that were formerly eligible for visas on appearance. Latterly that month it was stated that 28 countries would be permitted for an electronic visa on 27 November 2014 and that the list would include visas on appearance permitted countries, in addition, Brazil, Germany, Israel, Jordan, Mauritius, Norway, Palestine, Russia, Thailand, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United States.

In November 2014, the Indian Prime Minister stated a visa on appearance installation for citizens of all Pacific countries and Australia. 

The primer processing of the visa on appearance was discontinued in January 2015. Until 26 January 2015, citizens of the following countries holding ordinary passports were granted visas on appearance without carrying an ETA (unless they were of Pakistani origin), for a single stay up to 30 days in India when traveling as a sightseer or for visiting family.

Visa operations can be submitted in person or transferred by post to an Indian consulate. It can also be submitted to the designated visa service providers in certain countries. Costs differ per consulate and region. Some visa-handling services charge a small amount in addition, to checking that the completed operation form meets all conditions and submitting the documents on the behalf of the applicant.

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