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Getting an employment visa – work permit in Hungary

Hungary has good living and working standards, therefore for many individuals, working there may seem like a fantastic option. The procedure of working in Hungary might be simple and fast, although some individuals must first apply for a work visa. Citizens of the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA) do not need a work permit to work in Hungary. However, those from outside the EU/EEA will. Before beginning the application procedure, you must be qualified for a Hungarian work visa by fulfilling all criteria and requirements.

Residency permit

Anyone wishing to work in Hungary must have a residency permit. You may apply for a resident permit for a variety of reasons, such as a residency permit for seasonal work or the purpose of employment.

Hungary working visa types

Depending on which one fits you best, Hungary provides a variety of work visas:

Regarding a job

This kind of work visa is the one that Hungary issues the most. This kind of visa is given to those who have a job offer or who work for a Hungarian employer or business.

For individual business

People who wish to operate lawfully as the executive officer of a for-profit company or as self-employed persons are given this sort of visa.

For seasonal work

Anyone who wishes to work for a season in Hungary must apply for a seasonal work visa. 

Hungary conditions for work visas

To finish your application for a work visa in Hungary, provide the necessary paperwork:

Valid passport 

You must have a valid passport with at least two blank pages at the time of application. The passport should not be older than 10 years.

Application for a work visa in Hungary

Depending on the kind of work visa you’re requesting, the application form will vary. For both private enterprises and employment, there are separate application forms.

Passport photographs

Include two images in color. The photographs must adhere to the Schengen Visa picture specifications. The application must have one photo that is taped to it, and the other photo should be included with the documentation.

Medical insurance

You will get one year of insurance if your work provides medical insurance. The invitation letter from your job must include insurance information. You must provide documentation demonstrating that you have 30,000 euros set up for medical bills if this information is lacking.

Evidence of accommodations

Submit the pertinent documentation and any recent property documents if you own a home or apartment in Hungary. You will have to submit the lease with the landlord and any property documents that aren’t more than a month old if you’re renting a residence. If you are staying with family or friends, you must provide a property document that was issued no more than one month before and an invitation letter in Hungarian from the apartment owner.

Financial status

All categories are required to produce a bank reference and six-month statement (with a notarized translation into English). For those who are working, a work reference stating your monthly salary is required. Self-employed persons should get a certificate for business registration as well as references for their tax report for the previous six months from the Ministry of Tax. Documents demonstrating both the pay and the absence of indebtedness are required.

Applying for a work visa in Hungary

You must adhere to the guidelines below to apply for a work visa in Hungary:

Procure a job offer

You must have a contract or employment offer from a Hungarian firm before beginning the application procedure.

Fill out the application form

Depending on whether you are traveling for work, a private business, or seasonal employment, choose the appropriate kind of visa application form.

Finish the document checklist

Prepare all the necessary papers, then include them with your application form.

Submit application 

Send the application and the required paperwork to the Hungarian Embassy.

Wait for a response

To find out the status of your visa application, check your email.

Visa processing time

Your application for a work visa will be processed by Hungary’s migration department in three months or more. Following the approval of your visa, you must submit a resolution outlining the identity of the employing company, the location of the job, the position’s responsibilities, and the employment contract.

Post-entry into Hungary

Foreign nationals must use the standard form within three days after receiving their work visa and work permit to register their place of abode in Hungary. The registration may be completed at the regional directorate (branch) of jurisdiction using the address of your lodging. You may apply for a health insurance card after you obtain a work permit. You may receive a health insurance card from the local health authority in your neighborhood. For this process, there won’t be any fees. 

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