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Getting an employment visa – work permit in Greece

For employment in Greece, all citizens from outside the European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) must possess a current residence and work permit. Before beginning their job in the nation, they must get this document.

Obtaining a visa

The applicant must submit a physical application at the Greek Consulate Authority in his or her home country before traveling to Greece. Obtaining a Visa D, or long-term entrance visa is the first step in the procedure. An interview is also a part of the procedure. This visa typically takes 10 days to process and has a 12-month validity period. The candidate may then apply for a residence permit after arriving in Greece. If a person with an employment entrance visa to Greece can provide proof of a job contract, they will be granted a residence permit. This contract’s pay must be at least as much as the monthly wage of an untrained worker.

Obtaining a Greek residency permit

Before the visa expires, the applicant must apply for a residence permit. This application must be submitted to the one-stop service at the Decentralized Administration’s Directorate of Foreigners and Immigration. These offices may be located where the applicant resides, or applications can also be sent to the Ministry of Immigration. The non-EU citizen’s employment will be permitted under the residence permit. It has a two-year expiration date and a three-year renewal option. At least two months before the permit expires, the renewal must be filed. Applications for late renewals may be made up to one month after the permit expires. For late submissions, there is a €50 punishment, nevertheless.

The paperwork needed to apply for a residence permit

  • Copies of passports
  • Two passport photographs two
  • An employment agreement that includes the net pay
  • A duplicate of the applicant’s rap sheet
  • Certifications for travel and health

If the applicant’s family joins them, they will additionally require:

  • A Greek-translated and authenticated marriage license
  • A verified Greek translation of each child’s birth certificate

Getting a work permit in Greece

Employees must get a work permit in Greece once their visa has been approved to be able to work for an employer there. If the business is registered and established, the employer, however, may choose to apply for a work permit for their staff. The inclusion of residential permits in work permits should also be noted. Employees may thus live and work lawfully in Greece if they have their work licenses and a long-stay visa. Work permits typically have a year’s validity and are tailored to the company, the job, and the region in Greece.

Application procedure for work permits

Before applying for a residence/work permit, applicants must get a tax identification number (AFM) from the local tax office and a Social Security Number from the Social Security Institute (AMKA). The closest IKA (Social Insurance) or KEP (Citizens Service) office can provide you with a social security/AMKA number. Following the resolution of that, the procedure for applying for a work permit starts:

Document submission

The papers used to apply for the Greek D visa are to be resubmitted. The applicant must have the originals or notarized copies on hand.

Fill out the application

The online residency permit application must be completed by the applicant. After arriving in Greece, this must be finished within a few days.

Make an appointment at the primary police station

The applicant has to set up a meeting with the district’s major police station. A local police officer will next interview the applicant and inquire about their reason(s) for relocating to Greece. Additionally, the applicant must provide their paperwork at the police station.

It is important to highlight that those with short-term visas cannot apply for residence permits but must instead pay a visa cost of €150 to the consular post.

Renewing work and residence permits

The holder of the work and residence permit must submit an application and the supporting documents listed below if the permit has to be renewed:

  • a record of having paid all taxes
  • evidence of health insurance coverage
  • evidence of the number of days they worked during the year.

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