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How to Prepare for USA Immigration?

Before moving to the USA, you need to solve several problems and questions. Read about important administrative and organizational issues below. 

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Collect a package of documents

Of course, upon admission to a university or an invitation to work, the necessary documents have already been submitted to the necessary authorities, translated and certified by a notary. Nevertheless, it is advisable to make copies of the documents or translate them again and notarize or apostille them. In addition to a diploma and a school certificate, you may need documents confirming the ownership of property (apartment, car, dacha), medical certificates, and an extract from a medical record (when contacting a doctor to monitor chronic diseases) and others.

Write a power of attorney

It will not be superfluous to contact a notary, draw up and certify a power of attorney for someone from close relatives to represent interests. It may be needed to resolve issues with property (for owners of real estate or a car), and for many other issues that may require personal presence.

Undergo a medical examination

Medicine in the USA is paid and expensive. Medical care will be especially expensive if you do not take out insurance. And if some benefits and different insurance programs are provided for residents of the country, then foreigners will have to pay for everything in full.

To avoid sudden health problems and too high medical bills, you must undergo a full medical examination in your home country: visit all the necessary specialists, get tested, do CT, MRI, and other tests. In the USA, all this costs several times more. Particular attention should be paid to eye examinations and dental treatment. In the United States, all visits to the dentist will have to be paid separately: take out separate dental insurance, pay extra for services with an existing insurance plan, or pay in full. The same goes for ophthalmology. If you need glasses or contact lenses, you need to buy them at home. Better to order 2-3 pairs in advance.

Buy medicines

In advance, you need to think about what drugs and medical supplies may be needed in the States. First, most medicines in the United States are more expensive than elsewhere, even the simplest aspirin. Secondly, many medicines in the United States require a prescription from a doctor. By the way, very often American insurance does not cover (or partially covers) the costs of medicines and sometimes even the application for a prescription itself. Thirdly, in the presence of chronic diseases that require constant monitoring and the use of drugs, it is better to have a certain supply of necessary drugs with you, at least for the first time.

Complete Form I-94 and Customs Declaration

US immigration law requires everyone entering the country to fill out a special form I-94 (migration card), which indicates all the information about the date, time, and place of arrival in the States, the purpose of the visit, and the type of visa issued. Based on all these data, the period of legal stay in the country is entered in the form. A migration card, along with a passport, an I-20 form for students, and a work permit for specialists, must be provided to all authorities (university, employing company, IRS, and others).

US customs legislation provides for the mandatory declaration of things, foodstuffs, monetary amounts and values ​​over 10 thousand dollars in total, and other items imported into the country. A customs declaration, like Form I-94, is completed on the plane and given to border officials.

Evaluate the diploma

It is often necessary to evaluate a diploma when entering a university, although this is not a mandatory requirement. You may need such a document when applying for a job. In the United States, there is a national association of companies offering evaluation services – the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES), which includes several companies. In the event that this procedure is necessary, you must determine which of the association’s member companies requires evaluation.

Get insurance

You can’t do without health insurance in the USA. In the case of employment, there is a chance that the employer will provide insurance. True, not free. Part of its value is deducted from each salary, but it will still be cheaper than buying the policy yourself. For students, there is an opportunity to buy insurance through the university, which is also much more profitable than self-registration. By the way, medical insurance is a prerequisite for admission to a university.

Buy a SIM card

Mobile operators in the United States offer prepaid and postpaid plans to their subscribers. When selecting an appropriate mode of communication, it is crucial to consider that both incoming and outgoing calls incur charges. Minutes are debited for incoming calls even if the tariff plan includes a specific allotment for usage.

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