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Visa: mistakes applying to US

Visa of USA


Apply for a US visa with a blank passport

A blank passport will be a problem for adults who are planning to travel to the United States for short-term courses. America is far away, so the visa officer will suspect that you want to immigrate.

It is easier for children and students to obtain an entry document with a blank passport because that communication with parents and place of study in the country of residence is a confirmation that they are not going to immigrate. However, this does not apply to graduate students and graduate students of college or university.

Advice: To increase your chances of getting a US visa, start by traveling to countries with more visa-friendly regimes.

Submit documents immediately after refusal to the United States

The embassy does not change its mind quickly. Therefore, you should not reapply for a visa two, three, or four weeks after the refusal. You will most likely be rejected again.

Advice: Analyze the reason for the refusal and find errors before applying again. It usually takes a lot of time to fix the situation because of which you were refused. Therefore, it is better to come to the embassy again at least a year or later.

If you are a student – you will be fully responsible for travel expenses

Students who work at the age of 20-23 and pay for their travel on their own may not like the visa officers. If a student is so independent at home, he will find an interesting offer and be able to stay in America.

Advice: Better to make the parent a sponsor of the trip. To do this, you need a certificate from the place of work of the sponsoring parent.

Apply shortly before graduation

The visa officer will decide that you want to move to America. Advice: To dispel doubts, you need to provide documents that confirm your admission to another educational institution or employment. You must have a reliable connection with the country of residence, otherwise, the visa will be refused.

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Apply for a visa to the United States for more than a month if you are a mother

The visa officer does not understand the motivation of a mother who is going to leave her children for a long time. Usually, in this case, they refuse.

Advice: the trip must be justified and the officer must be shown what will happen to the children while the mother is absent.

Not justify the need to study in the United States

If you are going to courses for several months, but you are already working and do not know the language, the officer may refuse a visa. For an officer, studying in the United States does not fit into your career and history.

Advice: The study trip needs to be justified. This could be a letter from your employer confirming the need for your training. Or your story in a job interview about how language can help you move up the career ladder.

You can also show an extract from a diploma or certificate to confirm that you have already studied English.

Apply for a US visa if you change jobs frequently or have recently worked for a company

The visa officer will have the impression that you are unhappy with life at home. This can lead to rejection.

Advice: The application form is complex, and it is imperative to indicate previous jobs. So work on your story ahead of time. And in the first six months at work, they do not give leave, so you can apply for it after six months of work in the company.

Make a visa to the United States by invitation from a stranger

Many people think that it is possible to increase the chances of obtaining a visa if an invitation from an American is presented to the embassy. This is not the case. A tourist visa is more readily issued because the presence of connections in the United States can lead to immigration.

You will also be sure to be asked questions at the interview about the person you are going to visit. Who does he work for, how long have you been friends, why are you going to him.

Advice: Apply for a visa by invitation only when you are going to visit someone. There is no need to attach fictitious invitations to conferences, festivals, and masterclasses, from which it is not clear why you are going there. If the lie is revealed, the visa will be denied.

Worried that the Green Card will affect the receipt to the United States

You can participate in the Green Card lottery as many times as you like. This does not in any way affect your chances of obtaining a tourist visa because different departments are responsible for processing applications.

Complicate everything

Additional information, cover letters, detailed travel itinerary will not affect your chances of getting an entry document. It’s just a waste of time and effort. You will not have time to explain to the visa officer why you attached additional documents to the main package of documents. The interview lasts 5-6 minutes, you need to talk about everything briefly and clearly.

Advice: Submit only the required documents.

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