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Cost of living in Micronesia – full guide

In broad strokes, Micronesia stands out for its affordability, especially when compared to more economically developed nations. The uniqueness arises from a cost-effective labor market, abundant natural resources, and a government committed to nurturing self-reliance among its people. Together, these elements come to craft the distinctive financial landscape of this remarkable archipelago.

Flag of Micronesia


Among the various expenses in this country, accommodation often stands out as one of the costlier aspects. In the heart of Palikir, the capital city of Pohnpei, securing a one-bedroom apartment typically commands an average monthly rent of around $500. For those seeking a more budget-conscious option, exploring the numerous guesthouses and hostels peppered across the islands may present a more financially prudent choice.

Food and groceries

In this nation, food and goods are reasonably priced. There’s plenty of cheap local produce to be had, along with an extensive selection of international goods. Nonetheless, imported products may cost more than regional production.


Navigating the islands of Micronesia often involves substantial transportation expenses, especially when journeying between these scattered gems of the Pacific. Opting for either air or sea travel is the most convenient choice, albeit they may strain the budget. While buses and taxis present relatively affordable alternatives, they are somewhat limited in availability.

Health care costs 

High-quality healthcare can be a challenging feat in this country, potentially involving the costly process of evacuating residents with severe ailments. Living in this nation necessitates comprehensive health insurance coverage to buffer against unanticipated medical costs effectively.

Currency exchange 

Pay attention to exchange rates, particularly if you receive income or savings in a foreign currency. Exchange rates might change, so be careful while exchanging money to avoid financial hardship.

Cost of utilities

The cost of utilities varies depending on location and usage. Examples of utilities include water and electricity. For basic utility services, budget between $50 and $150 a month on average.

Expat considerations

Foreign workers in Micronesia should take into account possible employment packages if they are expatriates. As part of their work perks packages, several firms provide housing and utilities.

Island hopping

Island hopping is a well-liked pastime in Micronesia due to its distinctive geography and abundance of islands. When planning your leisure budget, keep these travel expenses in mind even if it might be a fun trip.


Having adequate travel and health insurance is essential to cover unforeseen medical and travel-related crises because of Micronesia’s geographic remoteness.

Adventure and watersports 

The clear waters of Micronesia provide a wealth of chances for snorkeling, scuba diving, and other water sports. Make sure you budget for these thrilling activities.

Cultural experiences

Get fully immersed in the customs and events of the area by taking part in them. There may be entry or participation expenses associated with certain experiences.

Banking and currency exchange

Get acquainted with the local choices for banking and exchanging currencies. If you use an overseas ATM or convert money, you will probably be charged a small service charge.

Sustainable living

Micronesia is renowned for placing a high priority on protecting the environment. Choosing eco-friendly lifestyle choices, such as cutting back on power and water use, could save money.

Seasonal variations and tourism

Tourism in Micronesia varies, which may affect local costs. Expenses could change based on the season and any nearby celebrations or events.

Other expenses

You should budget for things like entertainment, internet, and utilities when residing in Micronesia. Aim for monthly utility and internet bills of between $50 and $100. Entertainment can come at a very different price point; a mid-range restaurant meal can run you anywhere from $20 to $30, while movie tickets are about $7. In general, living expenses in Micronesia are rather inexpensive. But since some costs, like shipping and imported goods, might be high, it’s crucial to plan your budget wisely.

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