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Citizenship: 5 countries with fastest procedure

However, if you wish to obtain dual citizenship, that is, become a citizen of another nation while remaining a citizen of your own, you must meet specific standards. You may be retiring and want to live in another country permanently, or you may want to travel to another country to establish your own business.

Obtaining citizenship in a foreign nation, for whatever reason, can be challenging for many people. However, several countries have made the process easier. These countries offer low entry expenses and minimal citizenship requirements. Consider migrating to one of the following countries if you want citizenship in a foreign country without the hefty prices and hassles. The top countries to consider when seeking quick citizenship are listed below.


By residing in Ireland for one year, you can become a naturalized citizen. You must spend at least four years in Ireland throughout the next eight years. If you can show Irish ancestry, the residence requirement may be eliminated. If your grandmother is Irish, for example, you may become an Irish citizen. You can also become a citizen if you have been married to an Irish citizen for at least 3 years.


Peru is another country with simple citizenship requirements. You can become a citizen in just two years. However, becoming a citizen will cost you around 25,000 US dollars. The government provides payment plans to make this less of financial hardship. Peru requires a resident visa to enter the country. These visa applications are typically approved in three months. Following approval, you will have six months to complete your visa.

After living in Peru for two years, you are eligible to apply for residency. Several disciplines, including history, culture, and the Spanish language, will be tested. If you marry a Peruvian local, however, you can avoid the testing requirements.

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Dominican Republic

You can apply for permanent residency in the Dominican Republic by completing a few basic requirements. You must have a monthly retirement income of at least $1,500 if you are retired. This minimum increases to $2,000 per month if you are not retired. After two years, you can seek citizenship if you have gained permanent residency.

To become a citizen, you must complete a Spanish-language interview and a medical examination. The complete procedure takes about three years on average. However, one of the major disadvantages is that obtaining citizenship costs more than $200,000.


Another option to consider is Singapore. You can become a permanent resident by working in the country, starting your own business, or marrying a citizen. You can apply for citizenship after two years. One thing to keep in mind is that; male citizens of a particular age are compelled to serve in the Singapore army. The male resident can petition for citizenship after completing National Service. Paraguay, Macedonia, Russia, and Uruguay are among the countries where you can gain citizenship swiftly and easily.


Many people are unaware of this, yet it is likely the best single passport you can obtain in the next three years! To be eligible, you must have permanent residency in the country and have spent 1095 days – three years – in the country in the previous five years. This is a fantastic opportunity to live in Canada. The Canadian passport is a renowned document that ranks among the best in the world and allows you to travel without a visa.

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