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Immigration: top 5 countries for 2022

All that is required of the individual is to invest in an existing business or to develop one in a foreign country. A profitable business’s founders have a better opportunity to commit to and execute their tasks in a better atmosphere. It assists a company creator in collaborating with investors who can support your creative products and services. Furthermore, all visa programs require a significant financial commitment and a thorough business plan. The top 5 countries for business immigration in 2022 are outlined in this article.


People looking to immigrate to Canada through business immigration can apply for a startup visa. It allows permanent residency in the country and is one of the most entrepreneur-friendly visa schemes available. Furthermore, getting support for your firm from a designated group is a must to qualify for this program. It’s also known as a letter of recommendation. One of the most important conditions is that the applicant must be able to converse in English, French, or both languages, as evidenced by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

A business can be owned by five people and they must own at least 50% of the total voting shares. The applicant must demonstrate that he has sufficient funds in Canada to sustain himself and his family. You are not permitted to take out any loans. To compete in the sector and to hire Canadians, your company needs to be inventive. An approved venture fund must make a minimum investment of CAD 200,000 in the applicant. $75,000 from a certified angel group is also an option. Furthermore, if your company falls under the incubator/accelerator program category, you are exempt from the capital requirement.


A VisaTech program is available in Chile. Chile grants a 12-month work visa to approved applicants under this scheme. It is also one of the countries with the fastest visa approval times, with the permit being granted within 15 days of the application. The initiative benefits all Chilean tech companies because it allows them to attract talented international professionals and offers to fund startups.

Startups must be under three years old, have a base team that is 100 percent dedicated to the project, have a viable product, and have received early validation. To apply, the candidate must be sponsored by a Chilean government agency and receive an invitation letter from InvestChile, Start-Up Chile, and the Economic Undersecretariat. Furthermore, the applicant must be a Chilean IT firm owner or employee. He can also be a partner or a shareholder.


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Another country where corporate immigration is feasible is the United Kingdom. The UK start-up visa is available to immigrants. It is aimed at novice entrepreneurs who are establishing their first firm in the United Kingdom. It has no initial capital investment requirements.

Applicants must first get an endorsement from an authorized endorsing body stating that their business is innovative, feasible, and scalable to qualify for a visa. Applicants who are accepted are given two years of leave. Holders of Start-up visas may be able to graduate to the Innovator category after a defined length of time to extend their stay and further grow their enterprises in the UK.

The Netherlands

If you are an entrepreneur, the Netherlands is looking for you. By luring international inventors and scientists, the country hopes to produce new goods and jobs. You can apply for a one-year residency in the Netherlands if you have a startup idea. You’ll meet with a local mentor and work on your business throughout this period. You’ll have the option to extend your stay and apply for a conventional self-employed work permit after 12 months.


A fledgling business may find Lithuania to be an attractive destination. Ideally, the permit does not demand a capital or employment measure to be reached by the business’s founders. Furthermore, the founders are granted a one-year residency permit and are permitted to bring family members with them.

If the applicant meets the usual immigration standards, he can renew his visa for another year. Information technology, electronics, biotech, laser technologies, mechatronics, and nanotech, are among the tech fields in which the business must operate. A letter from the migration department certifying that the applicant’s business plan is appropriate for the program is required.

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