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Chile: work visa obtaining

Work permit - Chile

Nevertheless, foreigners who desire to operate in Chile before securing employment before arrival have few possibilities.

They can visit Chile on a visitor permit, find work, and seek a temporary residency visa. Those on a study permit may be allowed to operate in specific situations if they appeal via the Foreign Affairs and Migration agency. If the student wants the funding for school or if the program needs the sort of employment.

If requested from inside the country, petitions and all related documentation must be presented to the Department of the Home and Community Safety and submitted from beyond Chile to the local Chilean embassy. The employing organization must also satisfy specific criteria and demonstrate that the immigrant possesses critical abilities to the nation’s progress.


Types of work visas in Chile

All international workers should apply for an employment card after receiving a working proposal or agreement in Chile. Employment permits in Chile are usually linked to a particular agreement or position; thus, workers must submit for renewal if they lose or change professions. There are various kinds of employment permits available, such as:


Subject to contract Visa

The “subject to contract” permit, which enables outsiders to travel to Chile and operate under a deal with a Chilean business, is the most common labor permit issued in Chile.

You can request this work permit at an embassy after you are reached Chile or when you are yet overseas. The subject to the contract card is extendable and good for one or two years.

This permit restricts you to only work for the company with which you agreed. This work permit also enables the resident’s relatives to travel to Chile and live with them, as long they have economic resources to support them. Relatives of the applicant, on the other hand, are not permitted to operate in Chile.

Only if you already have a confirmed job agreement are you qualified for this permit. Furthermore, the contracts must have certain conditions, and you cannot begin functioning until the Foreign Office has collected your papers and issued you a job visa.

Independent worker visa: Chile’s latest work permit is the individual workers’ permit. It enables people to operate for various companies and helps them earn complete lifelong status more quickly than they could with a temporary work permit.


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Professional permit

To get a professional permit, you need a graduate qualification and enough money to fund yourself.


Work Permits in Chile: What You Need to Know

To obtain an employment permit in Chile, workers must provide the following papers:

  • Duplicate a passport with a six-month validity period.
  • Evidence of legal standing in the nation where the applicant is currently residing
  • A passport-size color photograph shot in a studio against a basic white or off-white backdrop.
  • Printed proof of their airline schedules and reservations.
  • Evidence of a guesthouse booking or lodging.
  • Reports from the last three months’ financial accounts.
  • If possible, a statement of invitation.
  • A statement outlining all of the motives for their journey.


All materials must be in PDF files because Chile employs a digital visa request facility. They also require specific titles depending on the kind of content. The plane ticket, for instance, should be labeled “YourLastNameFlightReservation.” When applying for a visa, it’s also a smart option to save all genuine papers and submit them to the local Chilean embassy.


Procedure for Submitting an Application

Because the registration procedure in Chile is computerized, anybody seeking an employment visa in the nation can do so via the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ webpage. Upon completing the digital registration, the applicant should go to the Chilean Embassy nearest them to have the Visa printed on their passport.

Candidates may submit in person at a Chilean Embassy or pick up their permit in a foreign nation in some situations. The standard registration procedure, on the other hand, involves the below-mentioned actions:

  • Request for a visa to Chile online.
  • Provide answers to all queries.
  • Digital versions of all necessary files should be attached.
  • Wait for the Visa to be approved.
  • Come to the embassy.
  • After your request has been granted, you must pay the Chilean processing fee.
  • Get the Visa.

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