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  • Chile: about the retirement

    Chile: about the retirement

    How to retire in Chile: the golden years. Chile is a popular tourist destination, and one of the favorite locations retirees love to flock to. The country offers its residents not only Mediterranean-like weather in the north, towering mountains, and several fjords in the south, but also a flourishing wine industry.

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  • Chile: visa cancelation reasons

    Chile: visa cancelation reasons

    Main Reasons Why VISA in Chile Gets Denied. As long as they are qualified, any foreign national can apply for a visa in Chile. To be eligible for a visa in chile, you must be fluent in the country’s primary language and have a police record.

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  • Chile: work visa obtaining

    Chile: work visa obtaining

    Chile getting an employment Visa. An employment visa is required for foreigners who seek to operate in Chile. Chilean employment permits are reasonably easy to have and are usually arranged and supported by the recruiting employer. As a result, a job visa is usually linked to a job proposal and a formal agreement.

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  • Chile: immigration options

    Chile: immigration options

    Relocation to Chile. Chilean legislation does not provide for special schemes that accelerate naturalization (except for the program for repatriates). However, it is possible to obtain a temporary and then permanent residence permit in Chile rather quickly and relatively inexpensively.

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  • Chile: immigrant job guide

    Chile: immigrant job guide

    Working in Chile as an ex-pat. Chile has one of the most developed markets in Latin America, making it a desirable location for international entrepreneurs and expatriates alike. Chile provides a reasonable expenditure while maintaining a high standard of life.

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  • Chile: travel visa guide

    Chile: travel visa guide

    Traveling to Chile – visa guide. Chile is located on South America’s western edge, with further than six thousand km of Pacific Ocean bank. Santiago, its capital, sits in a canyon enclosed by the Andes and Chilean Coast Range mountains.

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  • Chile: business opportunities

    Chile: business opportunities

    Chile through investors eyes. Chile, generally known as the Republic of Chile, is a state located in western South America. This is a developing country with a high­ income economy and ranks truly high in mortal development. Chile is known for being the utmost economically and socially firm nation in South America.

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  • Chile: the education system

    Chile: the education system

    The educational system in Chile. The Republic of Chile is an amazingly shaped state of South America, occupying a narrow strip of land. The country stretches along the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

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  • Chile for retirement

    Chile for retirement

    How to retire in Chile. Chile was the first Latin American country to reform its pension system. The experience of this state has already been used by many countries, including Kazakhstan, Hungary, the USA, Germany, and Poland.

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  • Visa via start-up in Chile

    Visa via start-up in Chile

    Startup Visa In Chile. Chile has everything you need to enjoy your stay from an outstanding rural environment in Patagonia to well-developed neighborhoods in Santiago.

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