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Move to Germany via Au-Pair program


This is a great opportunity for young people to move away from home, live independently, learn about German culture, and improve their Dutch language.

Do not forget that the Au-pair visa is the door to the Schengen area. Therefore, during the weekends and vacations, you can travel freely to European countries.




The age of the au-pair at the time of application must be at least 18 and not more than 27 years old. The participant of the program must also speak German at an elementary level (A1). The candidate should not be married and don’t have children. You need to have some experience with children, to be a non-smoker or ready to quit smoking during your stay in Germany. Moreover, the driver’s license is another advantage for candidates.


As a rule, program participants live with a German family and do housework for about 5 hours a day. They work as babysitters, help with cleaning, and make shopping. The most important thing is during free time Au-pairs participants attend Dutch courses. As a reciprocal service, the family where the program participant lives provide room, meals, and pay around € 260 a month in pocket money.


If you decided to join the friendly Au-pair team? Learn about documents for a trip and a comfortable stay in Germany.


How do Au Pair and the family share expenses?

The list of costs for each of the parties to the au pair program is approximate and may vary depending on the terms of the Au Pair Business Agreement in Germany or on the circumstances.


Au pair costs:

  • intermediary costs (agency fees);
  • travel (part of the cost can be paid by the family);
  • language learning in courses (as a rule, payment of part of their cost);
  • medical insurance (payment of part of the cost is possible);
  • Administrative expenses;
  • leisure;
  • telephone (used for personal purposes).

Host family expenses:

  • intermediary costs (payment to the agency for services related to the conclusion of the contract for the au pair in Germany);
  • a monthly out-of-pocket au pair fee of 260 euros;
  • payment for food, utilities consumed by the au pair;
  • transportation costs associated with the au pair’s household duties;
  • au pair medical insurance (or part of the cost);
  • language courses (usually part of their cost);
  • telephone (if the use is related to family responsibilities);
  • return ticket.


Au Pair working hours in Germany

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It is officially established that an Au Pair participant must not devote more than 30 hours a week to work. Time for caring for children and doing household chores is included in working hours.


A weekly schedule is used to organize the accounting of the au pair’s working and free time.

The program participant is entitled to a vacation. Au pair stays for 12 months are entitled to four paid weeks of vacation, and if the stay is shorter, the length of the vacation is proportional.

If the Au Pair recipient has to take care of the children during holidays or vacations, these days are considered as working days.


Finding a host family in Germany

The candidate can search for a family in two ways at his/her discretion: with the help of specialized agencies or independently.


When searching on your own, it should be noted that only a German speaker family can participate in the Au Pair program.

You can save time and get guarantees when looking for a host family, the subsequent conclusion of an Au Pair activity agreement in Germany. 



Verified and certified agencies that have received the RAL quality mark from the Gütegemeinschaft Au-pair guarantee free provision of information materials, advice, and employment for young people who come to Germany.



To obtain a visa to stay in Germany as an Au-pair you need to obtain permission from the Office for Foreigners of Germany. After all, you will be in the country for a long time. Take care of this beforehand, as the procedure can take six to eight weeks.

To apply for a visa. the applicant must personally come for an interview and provide the following documents:

  • foreign passport (valid for at least six months after the end of the period of stay)
  • an invitation from a family that accepts or an agreement with an intermediary firm
  • a health insurance contract is drawn up by the host family.


The invitation must include information such as the duties of the au-pair, working hours, attendance at a German language course. 

If the length of stay exceeds 1 year, the program participant is entitled to vacation for 4 weeks. The medical insurance premiums are paid by the host. If possible, the health insurance contract should include pregnancy and childbirth.

After obtaining permission from the Office for Foreigners, the German Embassy opens a visa.


After program

After a year has passed, the Au-Pair must leave Germany. However; It is possible to stay in Europe if, for example, go to study at a German university or marry a German.



Au-pair is a unique chance to see the world and make new friends at a minimal cost. Au Pair is an opportunity to study Dauth in the native country. You can explore the culture, national characteristics of Germany, and other countries of the Schengen area.


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