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Different visas in Bahrain

Manama, the capital of Bahrain, will appeal to most tourists. There you will find everything for a pleasant stay, regardless of the age of the traveler. Water parks, modern museums, unique oriental architecture, a dolphinarium, historical monuments, amusement parks – these are just several choices amongst many places you can visit.

Some people will first have to acquire a certain Bahrain visa type to enter the country. The process is usually quite simple if all of your documents are in order.

General data about Bahrain visas

Manama city

There are three ways to get a Bahrain visa:

  • Upon arrival;
  • Online or through the consulate.

Different types of visas can be extended if desired. You can’t apply for a Bahrain visa if you don’t supply the necessary documents. However, the number of necessary documents is smaller than the set of documents you would have to provide to get a Schengen visa.

There are several visa types that you can apply for depending on the purpose of your travel and the country you come from.

Arrival visa

The easiest Bahrain visa type you can apply for is arrival visa. It is available to citizens from these 67 countries.

Arrival visas can be obtained directly at the local airport upon arrival in Bahrain. The decision is made by a migration employee who pre-checks your documents.

The validity of Bahrain’s arrival visa is two weeks. If desired, the visa obtained can be extended for another two weeks by contacting the Bahrain Ministry of the Interior. The total duration of the visa can’t exceed 4 weeks.

To obtain an arrival visa in Bahrain, you need to have:

  • A valid passport;
  • Round-trip tickets;
  • A copy of your accommodation reservation (this can be either a hotel or an apartment);
  • A migration card issued at plane or at the airport (we recommend filling it out in advance);
  • A certificate from your work stating the wages you receive (translated in English and notarized);
  • Medical insurance.

Arrival clearance will cost about $ 15. Payment is accepted only in local currency – Bahraini dinar.

Online visa application for Bahrain

Some nationals won’t be able to get a visa upon arrival. In this case, it is possible to apply for a visa via the internet by filling out an online visa application form.

After filling out the details, you will need to pay the fees. The cost of registration is about $ 75 and you can pay only with a credit card. Payment is in Bahraini dinars. If the visa is not approved, the fee is not refundable. An online visa allows you to stay in Bahrain for no more than two weeks.

Bahrain’s consulate visa

If you plan to stay in Bahrain for more than two weeks, you need to apply for a visa at the consulate. On average, such a visa is issued in one to two weeks. When applying, you need to pay a fee of $ 25. It is paid in dollars too. 

To apply for a visa at the consulate, prepare the following set of documents:

  • International passport. Pay attention to the expiration date. The passport should be valid at least three months from the moment you return home from the trip. Also prepare a photocopy of your passport. You need to copy the page where your personal data is indicated.
  • Visa application form. It should be completed in English or Arabic and signed by hand. The form can be downloaded from the Internet or taken at the consulate.
  • 2 pictures of size 3.5×4.5 cm. Photos need to be of Schengen standard – on a white background, contrasting and clear.
  • Invitation. Anyone can invite: an individual or a company. Usually, tourists are invited by the hotel in which they will live. Also, invitations are issued by the airline. You can also be invited by an intermediary who provides services at the invitation of foreigners. 
  • A photocopy of birth certificates if traveling with minors.

Transit visa

In some cases, you might need to acquire a transit visa. This type of visa is issued upon arrival.

A transit visa is necessary when your trip itinerary includes flying to a third country through Bahrain and due to the trip details you are forced to stay in Bahrain for no more than 72 hours (3 days).

In case you need to make a quick transfer, you can get a visa for 24 hours. If you plan to stay in Bahrain for longer than 24-72 hours, you will have to apply for a regular visa upon arrival.

If you manage to make a transfer within 8 hours, then you can do so without obtaining any Bahrain visa. In this case, you wouldn’t be able to leave the airport.

To get transit visas, you need to have airline tickets with you to travel along the entire route. You also need to pay a fee. Its value will be established by the migration employee at the airport (usually, the amount is not large).


Bahrain is an interesting and colorful Asian country. It is often considered as the most modern among Islamic states. To visit Bahrain, some nationalities will have to obtain a visa. It can be obtained upon arrival, online or at the consulate.

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