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Best kindergartens in Kyrgyzstan to send your children to

Selecting the appropriate kindergarten is an essential choice for parents since it establishes the framework for their child’s academic path. Several exceptional kindergartens in Kyrgyzstan provide a caring atmosphere, cutting-edge teaching strategies, and an all-encompassing approach to early childhood education. This article examines twelve of Kyrgyzstan’s best kindergartens, which stand out for their dedication to delivering high-quality instruction, encouraging holistic development, and setting up students for future success. Let’s examine the costs and prerequisites for enrolling the child in the preschool before delving into the list of preschools. 


Fee structure and requirements 

Depending on the particular institution, kindergarten fees and criteria in Kyrgyzstan differ. In Kyrgyzstan, kindergartens often impose a monthly or yearly fee that includes instruction, supplies, and food. Depending on the preschool’s reputation, location, amenities, and curriculum, the costs might range from reasonable to exorbitant.

In terms of prerequisites, parents usually have to submit specific paperwork when their child enrolls. The child’s birth certificate, health documents, passport-sized photos, and proof of address are a few examples of these. Additionally, some kindergartens could ask parents to complete application papers and supply emergency contact information.

Additionally, there might be age restrictions for entrance to some kindergartens in Kyrgyzstan. To be eligible for enrollment, children normally have to reach a particular age, usually between three and six. To guarantee a space for their child, parents should find out about these requirements and get the required paperwork ready well in advance.

Remarkable kindergartens 

When choosing a preschool, parents should give it great thought, and Kyrgyzstan has many excellent options. 

Tyn Shan International School Kindergarten, Bishkek

Tyn Shan International School Kindergarten offers a multicultural learning environment that celebrates diversity. The curriculum combines British and Kyrgyz educational standards, promoting intellectual, emotional, and social development. The school’s experienced teachers ensure that each child receives personalized attention and support.

Silk Road International School Kindergarten, Bishkek

Silk Road International School Kindergarten provides a dynamic and engaging learning environment. The curriculum focuses on inquiry-based learning, fostering curiosity and critical thinking skills. With a strong emphasis on English language development and cultural awareness, children are prepared for future academic success.

Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University Kindergarten, Bishkek

Affiliated with Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University, this preschool provides a well-rounded education that combines academic excellence with cultural enrichment. The curriculum emphasizes language development, mathematics, and social skills. The school’s facilities and resources support interactive learning and creative exploration.

Bishkek International School Kindergarten, Bishkek

The kindergarten of Bishkek International School provides a dynamic and welcoming learning environment. The knowledgeable teachers at the school offer a well-rounded curriculum that takes academic, social, and emotional growth into account. Youngsters participate in a range of activities, such as language learning, music, painting, and physical education.

American School of Bishkek Kindergarten, Bishkek

The American curriculum is followed at the American School of Bishkek Kindergarten, giving kids a solid grounding for their future schooling. Each student is assisted in realizing their full potential by the school’s emphasis on individualized education. The curriculum combines hands-on discovery, literacy development, and play-based learning.

Kyrgyz Turkish Maarif College Kindergarten, Bishkek

Ingyz Turkish Maarif College Kindergarten provides a multicultural education by fusing the most effective elements of the Turkish and Kyrgyz educational systems. The curriculum places a strong emphasis on social skills, numeracy, and language learning. Children can flourish in the secure and supportive atmosphere that the school offers.

Osh International School Kindergarten, Osh

Osh International School Kindergarten provides a stimulating and engaging learning environment. The curriculum emphasizes holistic development, including language skills, social-emotional learning, and physical development. The school’s experienced teachers create a warm and supportive atmosphere, ensuring each child’s individual needs are met.

Bishkek Collegiate School Kindergarten, Bishkek

Collegiate School of Bishkek A thorough educational program is provided in preschool to get kids ready for elementary school. The curriculum places a strong emphasis on social-emotional learning, creativity, literacy, and numeracy. Young students are given a supportive and stimulating atmosphere by the school’s committed faculty.

International School of Kyrgyzstan Kindergarten, Bishkek

International School of Kyrgyzstan Kindergarten provides a multicultural learning environment that promotes global citizenship. The curriculum integrates various educational approaches, including the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP). Children engage in inquiry-based learning, critical thinking, and cultural exploration.

Navigating the pros and cons

Parents should weigh the benefits and drawbacks of kindergartens in Kyrgyzstan to make an informed choice. One benefit is the wide variety of preschools that are offered, each with its unique teaching philosophies and methods. This enables parents to select a kindergarten that suits the needs and preferences of their child. Furthermore, a lot of kindergartens in Kyrgyzstan prioritize holistic development by encouraging language learning, creativity, and social skills. 

However, there are certain difficulties, such as different cost structures and affordability, which may be a concern for certain families. Language difficulties can also occur since Russian or Kyrgyz is the primary language of instruction in some preschools. Additionally, there might not be as many spots available in kindergartens with high demand. Parents can choose a preschool that offers a supportive and enriching atmosphere for their child’s early education by weighing the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

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