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Most popular European bus tours

To help you choose the best bus tour in Europe for your needs, we will briefly go over the best bus tours with various destinations in Europe.

Taste of Eastern Europe Tour

This 8-day bus tour will take you through Eastern European countries. The start and endpoint of this trip is Munich. You will get to see the best spots in modern Germany, Checz Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Austria.

With this European coach tour holiday, you will see the incredible Neuschwanstein Castle, explore the birthplace of Mozart – Salzburg, drink the best German beer in a traditional German setting in Munich, visit Vienna, Budapest, Innsbruck, and so much more.

Check out the full itinerary of this popular tour here.

Highlights of Spain & Portugal

If you are an admirer of warmer countries, you should consider this bus tour. It will take you on a 9-days long coach tour through arguably the most beautiful countries in Europe – Spain, and Portugal.

Starting in Madrid, within this coach tour, you will experience the culture, cuisine, and history of both these countries. Tapas bursting with flavor, courageous bullfighting, hot-tempered Flamenco, and many breath-taking coastal views will truly inspire you.

See the full itinerary of this European coach tour here.

Mediterranean Quest

Monaco Europe

If you are up for endless coastal vibes from Barcelona to Rome, then this 9-day bus tour will be the best fit for you. You will get to see 5 stunning countries including Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, and the Vatican.

The route of this coach tour is focused on coastal areas so you will get lots of mesmerizing sea-views and coastal culture. Furthermore, you will get to experience pasta-making, the art of making a French perfume, walk where gladiators once fought and much more.

To see the full itinerary of this coach tour around Europe go here.

Croatian & Eastern delights tour

Although lengthy, this two-week-long European bus tour will show you the best sites around nine amazing Balkan countries. Starting from Munich, this Eastern Europe tour winds through many renown landscapes and landmarks.

You will get to walk along the historic walls of Dubrovnik, cross the famous Dragon Bridge in Ljubljana, get mesmerized by the flowing beauty of Plitvice Lakes National Park, and so much more.

Within this European coach tour, you will visit Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, and Austria.

You can find more details about this European bus tour here.

Eastern rocker

Within this 8 days long European bus tour, you will get to experience the European cool both in culture and nature. Starting from London, you will move over the sea to France, then Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, and finally Austria.

Some of the best highlights of this trip include seeing scenic canals illuminated by shadows of the fairy-like gable houses in Amsterdam, walking along the White Cliffs of Dover, exploring the East Side Gallery in Berlin, and admiring the cathedral of St. Vitus and Hradčany Castle in Prague.

Learn more about this European tour here.

Mediterranean Escape

This 10-day long bus trip includes the two of the culturally warmest countries in Europe – Italy, and Greece. This will be the best adventure for those who are keen on relaxing Mediterranean style.

Starting with the most iconic sights in Rome, the Mediterranean Escape coach tour is an easy paced trip that further continues through Italy to Greece with an overnight ferry. Arrival in Greece will mark the beginning of a new adventure with ancient landmarks.

You can see the full information about this European bus tour here.

European Magic

European Magic is a 9-days long bus tour adventure that will not leave you disappointed if you wish to see the highlights of Europe in just 9 days. You will visit 8 countries starting with England and moving on to France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, and Switzerland.

Some of the highlights of this European coach tour are the rushing streets of London, iconic Amsterdam, Eiffel Tower, Rhine Valley, Venice, Paris, Innsbruck, and more. You will get to experience the best spots in Europe in a short amount of time.

Check out the full itinerary for this European bus tour here.


Choosing the right bus tour to experience the countries of Europe is not an easy task. Although Europe is not particularly vast, there are many cultures, landscapes and iconic sights to explore. Therefore, we gathered the best bus tours in Europe in this article and hopefully gave you insights about each of them. All that is left now is to go on and choose your next European bus tour adventure.

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