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Modern Germany lifestyle

For over 1000 years, Germany has been one of the leaders amongst European countries. Its long and rich history has shaped strong values that continue to be fruitful for the whole nation even in our modern times.

Most German people are keen on such cultural practices as literature, art, philosophy, and others. Furthermore, Germans are fond of logic and reason. These customs in combination with the German welcoming and forward-thinking attitude make Germany a desirable destination for many.

Consider this article as an overview of the modern Germany lifestyle. We will touch upon some of the most notable facts concerning modern Germany lifestyle, customs, and traditions.


Characteristics of Germans

The first thing to carefully consider before understanding modern Germany lifestyle is people. If we would have to choose one word that best describes Germans, we would go for respectful.

You can observe respect in most areas of the modern Germany lifestyle. This includes respect for each other’s time – Germans are always perfectly on time. Furthermore, they are sensible, thrifty, and in love with an order. Their respect for structure and laws of society are well above the average and the one place you can see this the most is in business.

Traditionally, Germans assign notable importance to family and community in their lifestyle. Hence comes the welcoming attitude. In general, this lifestyle creates nice and orderly communities where residents thrive together.


German culture

Germany shares many of its traditions and culture with its neighbors – Austria and Switzerland. Reason and logic dominate the local culture, which is only natural because of the values people hold here. All residents are expected to follow the rules of the local region and the whole country as well.

Originally, Germany was a pagan country that was transformed and became an important piece in the Holy Roman Empire. Today, many religions such as Christianity and Islam, coexist. Even though most of Europe’s Christians tend to be largely Catholic, around half of Christians in Germany are Protestant.

Of course, not all traditions are around religion. Some of the most renowned characteristics of modern Germany are good sausages, beer (especially Oktoberfest), hiking, and traditional folk music.

Then there is a large variety of food, drink, and leisure activities that are just as important.


German values

Germany is a modern and advanced society in many ways. They tend to be progressive and liberal and in general share an inclusive attitude. The German nation is famous for its progressive policies on immigration, LGBT rights, and gender equality.

You will find that around 75% of the population in Germany live in urban areas. It is in these urban areas where one can find the most progressive attitude towards sensitive policies.

Regarding personal relations, most residents have strong family values and it is not uncommon to find generations of a family living in the same area. Similarly, Germans invest their efforts into creating communities within the areas they live in.

Another custom worth noting is their commitment to clean energy and the environment. Germany is at the forefront of the battle against fossil fuels, CO2 emissions, and pollution. With the resources that are devoted to this, Germany often develops new technologies and systems that serve towards this impressive value.


German lifestyle

When it comes to work and education, most Germans tend to be hard-working and diligent. This lifestyle then helps with extensive economic growth as well as the development of one of the best education systems around the world.

The average working week is around 35 to 40 hours that is one of the lowest in Europe. This is possible because of the high productivity and diligent attitude towards work. It is common to take pride in work well-done. However, Germans do not live to work.

A number of leisure activities are common outside of work time. For example, Germany is well-known for the many strategic board games they have invented. Some of the most popular ones include Carcassonne and The Settles of Catan. You will find that most German families have lots of board games in their homes.

Apart from spending quality time playing board games, Germans enjoy spending time doing or watching sports. A stunning third of the whole population belong to a sports club or organization. Watching and playing team-sports is a weekly activity in most households.

Another important part of modern Germany lifestyle is international travel. Germans spend more budget on travel than any other European country.


German cuisine

Most German meals tend to be very hearty. Meat is a common ingredient in most dishes according to Britannica and often potatoes and bread accompany such a meal. German cuisine involves many traditional dishes such as Schnitzel and German noodles up to this day.

It is typical to have three meals daily. First comes a cooked breakfast. Then a hearty lunch and dinner often served with bread, ham, cheese, and pickle. It is not uncommon to enjoy a meal outside the home. There is a wide range of restaurants, bakeries, food markets, and more.



Overall, Germany is a progressive thinking country with strong values and beliefs. Such lifestyle and customs have helped Germany to develop both technologically and socially.

You can observe these characteristics both as an insider and as an outsider. Hopefully, this modern German lifestyle guide has helped you to develop a greater understanding of the life modern Germans lead today. If see yourself living in Germany, you can find other useful information in our relocation to Germany guide.

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