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Spain: where to live?

Flag of Spain

This magnificent city is a giant magnet for foreigners from all over the world looking for a good time. The number of foreigners residing in this part of Europe has tripled since the last 3 decades. Expats make up almost 15% of the Spanish population.

If you are planning on migrating to Spain for residency whether temporary or permanent, I’ll be showing the best places to settle in Spain. These places are some of the most beautiful and lively places in Europe with a low cost of living of course.

Best Regions To Reside In Spain

If you want to reside in Espana, Spain has over 50 regions and provinces just waiting for you to come to visit. From the coast of Asturias to the beautiful urban areas in Andalucia. If this is your first time, these are the best regions to stay:

  • Aragon;
  • Andalucia;
  • Balearic Islands;
  • Canary Islands;
  • Asturias;
  • Catalonia;
  • Madrid;
  • Galicia.

Best Places To Live In Spain

mountain near body of water under blue sky

Spain is a great place for a long holiday or relocation. Most people planning on staying in Spain are usually confused about where to stay because this beautiful nation has a lot has to offer.

There are a lot of fascinating places that one can call home. The only difference is the geography and the lifestyle it offers. But in all, these are the best places to reside in Spain: 


Do you like beaches, football, and an urban lifestyle? Then Barcelona is just the right place for you. Barcelona has a lot of alluring waters that are just right for swimming. This is one thing that Barcelona has that Madrid doesn’t. 

Barcelona and Madrid are eternal rivals – most ex-pats can’t decide which one is just right for them. But for a new ex-pat in Spain, Barcelona is the best place to reside in. If you wish to move between the two cities, there is a high-speed AVE train that can take you from Barcelona to Madrid super quick and easy.

Barcelona is the second biggest Spanish city with hundreds of expat communities all over the place. It is a fancy place for tourists in love with great design and architecture. The cost of living in Barcelona is quite high and the security here is top-notch.

Tourists that have been to Barcelona usually can’t overcome its enchanting spell. Today many of them possess permanent residency.


Madrid is the 3rd sunniest capital city in Europe after Valetta and Lisbon. Madrid is not just a nice city to reside in Spain but also it is the capital and a major economic center of the country. 

It’s no wonder why hundreds of thousands of expats travel to Madrid to catch a glimpse of her beauty. This is why Spain easily comes out of recession and most economic meltdown.

Just like in Barcelona, the expat community in Madrid is enormous. Most of them came for short visits but ended up living there. Madrid offers expats the most attractive employment opportunities

Even though the cost of living in Madrid and Barcelona are high, they offer the best social services and system in Spain. There are currently 44 international schools in this beautiful city. 


Malaga is also one of the best areas to reside. It is a lively port city filled with cheerful people, hotels and resorts. Malaga is the second-most populous city in Andalucia and one of the most significant cultural hubs.

Living in Malaga is cheaper than Madrid and Barcelona. It is kind of small but very vibrant and filled with cheerful and happy people. Tourists are attracted from all over the world to Malaga because of the magnificent coast that stretches along and surrounds the city. Malaga also has super developed urban centers, good infrastructure, top-class restaurants, and hotels.


Valencia is another good option to live in Spain. Located on the Mediterranean coast, Valencia has somewhat transformed into one of the finest urban cities in Europe. 

Living in Valencia is super cheap and easy. It is a small city, so you can stroll to any part easily. Valencia also offers some of the most stunning sea views. It houses the Mediterranean beaches and Las Arenas. It also has one of the best universities in the nation.


Seville is the capital of Andalusia and one of the most elegant places in Spain. It has a major airport, train station, and other notable landmarks. It is home to a lot of foreigners from all over the world. Seville is exploding with cultures. There are German, American and British schools all over Seville. Seville also houses two universities and affordable homes.

Cheapest Cities To Live In Spain

A lot of places in the beautiful country comes with an affordable cost of living. Some of them are located around the coastal regions in Spain. Some of the cheapest areas to live in Spain are:

  • Las Palmas de Gran Canaria;
  • Malaga;
  • Lugo;
  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The federal republic of Spain offers much more than just football, fiesta, and siesta. It is one of the best places to live in Europe. A visit to any of these places will make you fall in love with Spain and make you dream of relocating to this country.

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