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Benefits of Turkish Citizenship

Citizens of 148 countries of the planet have already become the owners of houses, land, and apartments in Turkey. What are the benefits of Turkish citizenship? How does Turkish citizenship attract foreigners and how can it be prospectively used for life and business?

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Immigration to the United States through Turkish Citizenship

The Republic of Turkey successfully manages to attract capital from active citizens of different countries seeking to get the opportunity to quickly and legally immigrate to the United States. How does this happen? Obtaining Turkish citizenship for the whole family by investing in real estate today takes only two to three months. Then new citizens of the Republic can quickly get a business visa to the United States under the E2 program in their Turkish passport. Such a visa makes it possible to permanently live and work on American territory, the basis is an investment in a new or existing business. In the future, an E2 visa makes it possible (with an increase in the volume of investment in a business to the level of EB-5 or up to 900 thousand dollars) to obtain a green card and create ten jobs in the United States.

E2 Visa

In the past few years, professional resources on migration services have regularly published articles and studies that the E2 visa is the future of American residency for foreign investors. The main advantages of this business visa (if we compare it with EB-5, a green card for those who invest in the country’s economy) are much faster processing of incoming applications, no tax burden and liabilities, and fewer investment requirements. Every year, the minimum requirements for investors applying for an EB-5 green card are growing, it becomes more and more difficult to obtain the coveted document. The E2 visa, which Turkish residents can apply for, will soon replace the EB-5 green card for investors as the market leader, according to migration services specialists.

An important point is that the E2 business visa to the United States is negotiable. This means only nationals of nations that have signed a treaty on special relations with the US can formalize it. Only five nations that have an E2 agreement with the US will give citizenship early for real estate investments in 2020. The required jurisdiction is Turkey, Jordan, Grenada, Montenegro, and Moldova.

The Golden Passport

It is obvious that Turkey in this list is the most attractive and promising option for obtaining “golden passports”. The option to obtain Jordanian citizenship early requires a minimum investment in real estate of $ 750,000. The program in Moldova is temporarily suspended for an indefinite period. Comparatively, the Grenada program requires an investment of $ 150,000, but it is designed for one applicant, no family. Early Montenegrin citizenship can be obtained by investing 450 thousand euros in real estate and making a 100 thousand euro charitable donation to the Development Fund.

Promising real estate investments

By itself, Turkish housing, land, or commercial real estate (regardless of obtaining citizenship for the whole family) is a very profitable option for investing capital. Also, official statistics show that apartments in Turkey have risen in price by 25.9 percent in the last year alone, land and industrial facilities by 50 percent. Over the past year, coronavirus-related demand for villas, garden houses, and huge balconies has surged by 233%. keeps growing. Hence, investing in real estate in Turkey is profitable both in the long term and in the short term. Real estate can be profitably rented out before reselling it within three years of investment naturalization. As most foreign buyers of apartments in Turkey who do not plan to move to permanent residence do.

To obtain Turkish citizenship, it is not necessary to buy one object worth the equivalent of 250 thousand US dollars. For early citizenship, you can invest in many apartments within two months. A popular investment method in 2020 and recommended by international investment advisors is the purchase of the industrial property. Why is it profitable to invest in it today?. Because it enjoys growing demand, dynamically rises in price, and is very profitable for rent (demand often exceeds supply).

Obtaining citizenship for all family members of the investor

Foreign investors in Turkish real estate most value the fact that their families become citizens quickly. Family members include spouses, under-18 children, and disabled children of any age, but not the investor’s siblings or grandparents. Notably, the investor’s family receives Turkish citizenship for real estate investments when they apply together. Note that Turkish citizenship applicants need not give up their original citizenship. The Republic allows dual citizenship, and investors are not required to relocate to Turkey for permanent residence.

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