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Australia: visa deny reasons

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Also, Australia is just not a country, it’s a continent, meaning it has an astonishing diversified eco-system; jungles, forests, swamps, mountains, rivers, beaches, and much more!

However, before you get all hyped up and apply for a visa, you must be aware that the application does not guarantee acceptance. Therefore, before applying, you must know what are the things that may result in the refusal of a visa, and try avoiding those reasons to give yourself a better chance of acceptance.

Let’s discuss what are the major reasons one might get a visa application denied.

What are the reasons for denial?

  • First thing first, an applicant’s passport must not have an issuance date beyond 10 years, and it must be valid for at least 6 more months at the time of application. 
  • An incomplete application, any discrepancy in providing details, or any contradictions found in the submitted information; may all lead to a denied application. Hence, special care must be taken – better if a visa expert is consulted – in filling out the forms.
  • A personal character profile is as important as having the right travel documents. It includes, but is not limited to:
    • Having a criminal record
    • Charged for domestic violence
    • Have been issued a restraining order
    • Charged with sexual assault and harassment
    • Wanted by police, law enforcement agencies, or the Interpol
    • Member or known association with a banned outfit, political or religious movement, any time in your past.
    • Been involved in international crime, such as human trafficking, traveling or staying illegally, being subject to deportation from any country, etc.
    • Considered security and societal risk to Australia in any way whatsoever.


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  • Falsified information provided by the applicant will surely result not only in refusal but also legal ramifications if the authority considers the act hostile to the national security protocols of the country.
  • Falling short on financial means that justify a comfortable stay in the country is also a major cause for denial. Especially for first-time visitors, it is highly recommended to consult a professional lawyer for the right income slab required for the type of visa applied for. For instance, a student visa may not require a bulky income statement as does a business or investor’s visa.


Here are just a few major reasons an Australian visa application surely gest denied and one must avoid applying for a visa if they have any one of the above reasons, as they are fundamental to all visa types


Can I appeal for a visa refusal? And how?

In case an applicant’s visa is refused for reasons other than the ones listed above or ones that are directly considered to be a threat to Australia’s national security or in direct conflict with any of the country’s laws or policies, in that case, an applicant may have the right to appeal.

He/she can either appeal at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) by paying the compulsory fee and submitting reasons why they should be re-considered for the visa process. A declined applicant must submit a valid appeal within 28 days after being declined. In some cases, the time limit is 7 days, such as for an immigration detainee.

Note that the fees must be paid before the deadline, in full, usually amounting to AUD 1800 to AUD 2000 depending on the type of visa declined. The payment can be made in cash, via credit card, or a pay order drawn in favor of AAT. The AAT is bound to refund the charges in case the decision is against the appellant, however, in case the appeal stands approved, a 50% refund is made.

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