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Australia: passport by investment

Obtaining Australian citizenship will become a completely feasible goal for you.

Basic requirements for business immigration

To become part of the Australian business community, individuals must meet the economic criteria:

  1. Successful management of capital or one or several companies at home. At the same time, the nature of your organization’s activities should fall under the concept of Qualifying business, that is, it should not be speculation and passive investing (renting out a property, receiving dividends, income from shares, etc.).
  2. Having a real business plan.
  3. Transparency and legality of the origin of capital.

In addition, the applicant must fit the general rules:

  • age up to 54 years inclusive (at the time of paperwork);
  • you and your family members have had no criminal record for the previous 10 years;
  • compliance with the Australian health requirements for you and family members with whom you are planning to immigrate.

Participation in migration programs occurs in two streams:

Business investment. This option is suitable for applicants who plan to purchase there and start from scratch the development of their business, carrying out management functions.

Directly the investment itself. In this case, only impressive funds are needed to inject them into a certain territory or economy of a particular state, as well as the possibility of investing after a certain time.

map of Australia

Options for applying for citizenship of Austria by investment 2021


Business Innovation stream

Investor stream

SignificantInvestor stream

Premium investor stream

Entrepreneur stream

Amount of investment no minimum  1 500 000 AUD 5 000 000 AUD 15 000 000 AUD 200 000 AUD
Investment direction business creation / development contribution to the region’s economy financing startups and private companies securities, private companies, real estate, charities business in Australia
Conditions participation in the management of the company in a managerial position

passing the SkillSelect test with at least 65 points

confirmation of experience in business management with an annual turnover of 500,000 AUD within the last 2 of 4 years

confirmation of the presence of 800,000 AUD in the form of personal assets

retention of investments for 4 years

passing the SkillSelect test with at least 65 points

Owning personal assets from AUD 2,250,000

retention of investments for 4 years

confirmation of intention to live in the selected region of Australia

obtaining approval from the Australian Trade Commission

retention of investments for the period of validity of the investor visa

obtaining approval from the Australian Trade Commission

use of innovative developments

knowledge of English at a sufficient level

providing a developed business plan


Obtaining Australian citizenship

By conventional standards, becoming the owner of a kangaroo country passport can be quite fast. The average world residency requirement is 5 to 10 years.

Before obtaining Australian citizenship, a citizen of any other country must live here for at least 4 years. At the same time, the last year must be spent on permanent residence and not to leave for more than three months.

Investment guarantees obtaining permanent residence and residence permit in Australia, but not citizenship.

To obtain an Australian passport, you must:

  • submit a passport and a certificate of the absence of serious convictions (if there were any, then the punishment is less than a year in prison);
  • pass the citizenship test – answer 75% of questions about the cultural and social life of the state;
  • for investors and businessmen – to provide documents on investment and / or successful business.

After checking the documents, the passport is issued after three months. This document opens the door to visiting 167 states without a visa. Moreover, you do not have to surrender your original passport. Both documents are considered legal almost everywhere.

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