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Argentina: higher education for ex-pats

Argentina - Education

In addition to wide-eyed vacationers, international students have made their way to Argentina’s borders because public colleges provide affordable bachelor’s education. Postgraduate diplomas, on the other hand, are only charged a small fee. At the same time, public institutions charge more, which is still cheaper than those of the United States. We’ll explore the best universities in Argentina for expats in this section.

Best Universities in Argentina for Expats

The University of Buenos Aires

For foreign learners, the University of Buenos Aires is the greatest institution in Argentina. Pupils come from all around the globe to attend this institution. Buenos Aires guarantees a great quality of life with a major emphasis on work-life balance is emphasized. All 13 departments, even minor faculties like agriculture, architecture, and medicine, offer top-notch training to students.

Blas Pascal University

Blas Pascal University’s Faculty of Learning supports student accomplishment and worldwide competition by assisting institutional quality and providing decent participation.

The Minister of Education (Secretary) has concluded that Universidad Blas Pascal (Organization) meets the requirements of the ‘Higher Education Act’ of 1965, as revised. The current version of the US Department of Education’s Listing of Postgraduate Universities includes Universidad Blas Pascal. 

The Belgrano University

Enlisting at the Universidad de Belgrano, which has ties to practically each program supplier in Argentina, is one of the finest methods for overseas learners to educate in Argentina. This university in the center of Buenos Aires is large yet nevertheless intimate, with enough for everybody.

There are a lot of companies that bring international students here, so you’ll be able to meet people from all around the globe. You may have a linguistics lesson with exclusively Italian pupils, followed by a dance session with kids from Japan and Costa Rica an hour after. There will be plenty of opportunities to meet great companions!

The National University of General San Martin

The National University of General San Martin is a private organization of greater learning in Argentina founded in 1992. It is situated on the 8.5-hectare College Miguelete plot in San Martin, Buenos Aires.

Biology & Innovation, Finance & Commerce, Arts, Law & Administration, Design, Media, Health Research & Development, and Physiotherapy & Mobility are only a handful of the educational parts that make up the institution.

UNSAM offers a diversified foreign student community that accounts for 5% of the overall student community.

Healthcare Sciences University Institute

The University Institute for Healthcare Sciences is a commercial elevated learning school part of the National Learning Sector.  The Héctor Alejandro Barceló Organization, a non-profit organization with the official establishment and proper registration in the regional Social Welfare Associations’ Record, formed it.

The Global Affairs Office strives to enhance the internationalization of the master’s and doctoral programs by providing pupils with the opportunity to study in this university. The university also thinks the Study Abroad Project is one of the most exciting experiences for its learners. They intend to provide integrated and global learning to ex-pat students.

Quilmes National University

In 1989, the National University of Quilmes (abbreviated UNQ) was established. It’s in Bernal City, Quilmes, in the center of the Southern Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area. This area is home to three million inhabitants and consists of 20 percent of the nation’s economic institutions.

The University of Quilmes National now has over 11,000 students enrolled in master’s and doctoral programs. The university aims to produce, educate, and transmit high knowledge in an atmosphere that values inclusion and equity. Education, scholarship, extended programs, human capital development, technology growth, commercial growth, and art marketing are key UNQ responsibilities.

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