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How to move to Argentina: A guide

The most popular locations in Argentina are the Iguazu Falls that are located in the jungle of Rio Iguazu and are one of the planet’s most beautiful locations. Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires is filled with art, delicious food and night entertainment. Another beautiful and popular location is the Reserva Faunistica Peninsula Valdes that is a natural wildlife sanctuary with many different animal species, such as sea lions, rheas, elephant seals, and seabirds.

Argentina gives many reasons to visit, but what about relocating to this beautiful and diverse country? Argentina has great food, wonderful wine and people who are are warm and open. Furthermore, the climate is warm.

In the following paragraphs see the procedure of relocation to Argentina and the benefits of living in this beautiful country. Also, there will be a paragraph about the things to know when going to live in this country as the culture can differ from other parts of the world.


How to relocate to Argentina

Argentina is a welcoming country and any person who wants to relocate to Argentina has to decide on residency by visa or citizenship application. Argentina’s residency can be obtained by a few different types of visas, like Investment Visa that is formed by investing approximately 41 000 US dollars in Argentina.

Another type of visa is Family Visa, that offers permanent residency if the spouse is a citizen of Argentina. Work Visa is for travel that is work-related starting from 24 hours.

Other than residency, citizenship in Argentina can be obtained by birth or descent or naturalization. Naturalization is the most realistic way of gaining citizenship as the person over 18 years of after living in the country for over 2 years and the gain of permanent residency and after that, the process of citizenship has started.

Overall the procedure starts with the desire to live in this country and after the legal procedure of permanent residency is done, citizenship is the next level of living in the country fully as a local. This can be tricky if done alone, but for this reason, there are a lot of agencies and services that are related to relocation to Argentina so the moving process is easy and doesn’t give unnecessary stress.


What is it like to live in Argentina?

Argentina falls

There are few things to know when relocating or living in Argentina, for example, many places don’t really accept credit cards and that might be a problem for those, who are not used to using cash. Argentina is a very large country by territory and it might be hard to travel inside it, also it is advised to use taxis at night as it is well known that Argentina has a history of cat-calling of women and robbing people. 

Argentina is quite expensive therefore people who relocate here, have to keep in mind the differences in prices. Argentina has many demonstrations that are in correlation with the extremely outspoken and open people. It is advised to keep out of them and not to stay till the end, as the more aggressive and violent behavior starts at the last hours of protests. This is a common way for the citizens to express their emotions about the government’s decisions and local politics.


Why do people move to Argentina?

There are many benefits of relocation to Argentina. The country is known for having wonderful food choices, like empanadas, spicy food, fish or meat cooked over an open fire and many more. In the delicious delights is the wine that comes specifically from Argentina. The Malbec or Torrontes is one of the well-known varieties of wine that come from Argentina. Mendoza is the area where it is traditional to go on wine tours and see the wine that is made in that season.

The never-ending beautiful landscape is another thing that is as a perk when living in Argentina. There are endless options to explore jungle, mountains, cliffs, lakes, rivers, and wildlife in country’s territory, as to never feel bored with nature around.

It is a known fact that the people of Argentina are warm and welcoming, and this is one of the best benefits you will experience while residing in the country. People will gladly show you around, help with anything and treat you to a glass of beer on a hot day as the real residents enjoy to build connections more than to be polite with personal space.

Another benefit is the weather, which is enjoyable for people who are loving the warm and mild climate all year around. Also, the country is not a stranger to a wide range of cultures as the cities are filled with other races and ethnicities enjoying the stay in a beautiful country.

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