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Applying for a visa to Hungary – full guide

Hungary is a stunning country in Central Europe noted for its rich history, beautiful architecture, and vibrant culture.  If you want to travel to Hungary for pleasure, business, or study and you are not a citizen of the European Union or the Schengen Area, you must apply for a permit. This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information you require to apply for a visa to Hungary.

Flag of Hungary

Types of visas

Identifying the sort of visa you require is essential before beginning the application process. Hungary provides several permit types, including:

Schengen Visa

You may travel freely within the Schengen area with this visa for a maximum of 90 days within 180 days. Traveling for pleasure, business, or visiting family and friends is all acceptable.

National Visa

If you plan to stay in Hungary for more than 90 days, you must apply for a national permit. For things like a job, study, or family reunion, you need this form of visa.

Application process

Now that you are aware of the type of visa you want, it is time to begin the application process. Follow these instructions to ensure a straightforward and hassle-free application:

Complete the application form

Get a physical copy from the embassy’s office or download the application for a permit from their website. Make sure to accurately complete the form and to only supply accurate information.

Gather the required documents

Prepare the required paperwork according to the embassy’s requirements. A valid passport, passport-sized photos, travel insurance, a flight schedule, hotel reservations, financial records, and an invitation letter (if required) are examples of commonly needed paperwork.

Schedule an appointment

Contact the diplomatic office to schedule a date and time to hand in the paperwork.  Because there can be a delay in meetings, make your plans carefully.

Attend the interview

Be prompt when you show up at the diplomatic center on the day of your appointment. Bring your passport, the relevant paperwork, and the permit application fee. Answer all of the interviewer’s questions truthfully, and if necessary, supply any further information.

Pay the fee

As directed by the embassy, pay the visa fee. According to the sort of permit, the length of the stay, and your nation of residence, the cost may change. Make sure the amount you have in the acceptable payment method is right.

Collect your visa

If your application is approved, collect your permit from the embassy or consulate. Ensure all the details mentioned on the visa are correct. In case of any discrepancies, notify the embassy immediately.

Tips for a successful application

Consider the following advice to improve your chances of receiving a visa:

Apply well in advance

Start the application process at least 2-3 months before your intended travel date to allow for any delays or additional documentation requirements.

Provide complete and accurate information

Make sure that all the information on the application form and in the supporting documents is correct and up to date. Any inconsistencies or missing information might lead to rejection.

Be prepared for the interview

Familiarize yourself with the purpose of your visit, as you may be asked questions related to your travel plans, accommodation, or financial status. Be confident and provide clear and concise answers.

Show strong ties to your home country

Demonstrate to the embassy that you have strong ties to your home country, such as stable employment, property ownership, or family responsibilities. This helps assure them that you will return after your visit.

Maintain financial stability

Provide sufficient evidence of your financial stability, including bank statements, employment contracts, or income tax returns. This demonstrates your ability to support yourself during your stay in Hungary.


It may seem difficult to apply for a permit to Hungary, but with careful planning and attention to every last detail, the procedure can go smoothly and successfully. Always start early, obtain all the necessary paperwork, and project confidence in your interview. You will be well-prepared to handle the request for a permit procedure and start your trip to Hungary if you adhere to these detailed instructions.

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