Biggest national parks of China

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Biggest national parks of China overview

Chinese government has made a big effort that their national treasures are shown to larger audiences. In paragraphs further there are descriptions of largest national parks in China that must-have visiting location.

China has a unique nature and landmarks. The Chinese culture is astonishing and countries territory offers many climates and experiences to tourists and locals.

Wulingyuan National Park

Wulingyuan National Park

Wulingyuan is a historic location where nowadays is a national park. Park is located in Wulingyuan District of China's Hunan Province. It has been admitted to the Worlds Heritage List in year 1992. The park is very beautiful and has a fairyland, mystical look to it. Mountainous area with caves, trees and waterfalls is in the forest park. Wulingyuan National Park has been a very popular tourist attraction and has been named the first state-level park that is a forest in China. To get to the parks area, tourists have to take a bus from Zhangjiajie Central Bus Station to Wulingyuan area. This national park has been called a fairyland of China as the scenery and landmarks are so magical looking and breathtaking.


Jiuzhaigou National Park

Jiuzhaigou National Park

Jiuzhaigou Valley National Park is located in China and is also defined as world heritage site. Park has many valleys that spread over the territory, such as Szuzheng Valley, Nuorilang Waterfalls, Rize Valley and more. Parks pride is water in many forms, like waterfalls, lakes that are multilevel and many size and form variations. Waters are crystal clear and hold a lot of interesting ecosystem treasures. The most beautiful parts in this park are the clear water lakes that take the breaths of many. Most popular photographer lakes are Mirror lake, Five Flower lake and other. One thing to keep in mind is that there can be altitude sickness because park is located in high altitude. It is required to look up the altitude sickness medication and be prepared for this type of situation as it happens often to people that have never experienced high altitude.


Huangshan National Park

Huangshan National Park

Huangshan Mountain or Yellow Mountain is another beautiful national park in China. Yellow Mountain is one of the most popular and well-known locations for tourists. Mountain gives all four season experience with winters and blissful and white snow, autumn colorful leaves and trees, and spring to summer beautiful flower and meadow bloom. Huangshan National Park has the so called four wonders that are Strange Pines, Huangshan Mountain, Absurd Stones and Sea Clouds or Hot Springs. There are very rare trees in this park as the one of the tourist loved pines stretches for over 10 meters in the air. Going to this park is not very difficult as city Huangshan is about 400 away from Shanghai.


Guilin Li River National Park

Guilin Li River National Park

Guilin and Lijiang National Park is one of the famous scenic parks in China. It is located very close to airport therefore tourists can access it easy. The Lijiang River is very popular tourist attraction location. River is surrounded by caves, hills and cliffs. Biodiversity in this area is unique and species that are found at the park are outstanding. Park is one of the largest tourist attractions in China, therefore it is safe to visit and recently park has gone under UNESCOs protection. Li River had been previously listed as world’s top ten watery wonders by Americas National Geographic. The river is 83 km long and has been very popular amongst boat lovers that enjoy fresh air and exquisite Chinese nature. Boat trips through this river have charmed many people with its Chinese scenery and landmarks.


Third Pole National Park

Third Pole National Park in China has gotten its name after high-altitude region's nickname the Earth's third pole. The park has been undergoing many constructions to save its nature and let visitors enjoy it without destroying the ecosystem and habitat. The park represents Chinese nature and land which increases tourism and country as a whole ranks up in tourism destination choices for other countries. One of the reasons for creation of this park is that Tibet senses a strong seasonality in tourism overall. This park is still under construction but when it is done and complete it will be the largest national park in the world. It reaches more than 2 million square kilometers. This is even more than Northeast Greenland National Park that held the biggest national parks status in the world.


Emeishan National Park

gray temple

Emeishan National Park has a mountain Emei in the territory and park has many roads and accommodations that make it a quite comfortable are to go to as a tourist. There are many hiking trails with many people as it is highly touristic area. Interesting fact is that the higher people go in the mountain, the more expensive food and restaurants get. That is something to keep in mind when planning to eat out in the park. Park has many monkeys that run around and can steal some items. This is considered to be a Buddhist mountain and has many statues and temples. The mountain is one of the Chinese treasures that are now for enjoyment to people all over the world.


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