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German lifestyle

One of the countries good qualities is that Germany is leader in many industries that makes the country large exporter of machinery, chemicals and vehicles. These industries have made their names famous across the globe.

One of downsides in Germany is low fertility ratings as well as increases in immigration, but regarding the increases in immigration Germany has become more diverse and has many cultures to experience in their grounds.

Germany is known for Oktoberfest, and other beer and wine festivals that residents enjoy. Another known fact is that Germany has a lot of skilled labor as the education and knowledge is gotten from vocational training.


German life quality 

Germans life expectancy in in year 2016 was 80 years. In year 2018, life expectancy was higher – 81 years but it changes by year. This is higher than United States of America and Greece.

German life quality is higher than average, meaning that factors that impact quality of life are in good state. Life quality is evaluated by many factors, like economy, environment and social situation, education, politics and many more.

German lifestyle in general does not focus on long hours at work, as Germans can take vacation days easier than in other parts of Europe. The mentality of living to work as in developed, consumerism based countries, like United States of America.

Education in Germany has its benefits as the costs are much cheaper in comparison to United States or United Kingdom. Germany is also practicing vocational learning and training that is necessary for the popular industries in Germany.

Germans have their healthcare system worked out great as the insurance covers sick leaves and there is a three day period without any notice from health specialist to not attend workplace. Healthcare overall is a very structured and thought out system that many countries strive to be like.


Lifestyle of Germans

Typical Germans have high demands for punctuality in their acquaintances and friends as well as business partners. The lifestyle of German is very private and involves very direct structure and routines on their life.

Germans relationship with food is based on traditions and rituals of eating cooked food together. Bratwurst is a sausage that came from Germany and now is one of the best known facts about Germany.

Lifestyle of a typical worker usually consists of balancing life and work, because Germans are very diplomatic and high-skilled at work but love outdoors, meals and drinking beer outside work environment.

Regarding living a healthy life, Germans are very active and do a lot of sports. Signing to gym memberships is very typical, but obesity in younger people increases slowly year by year. Nevertheless Germans are considered to be a healthy nation which is seen in the life choices to work less and enjoy longer work leaves than in other developed countries.


Advantages of living in Germany

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Germany has some perks that residents enjoy a lot, such as location in middle of Europe which makes the residents travel more and their businesses and export very convenient. As Germany is bordered with Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, France and some other countries, they have a better chance to easily travel.

Beer in Germany is almost as important as their need to be active as the famous beers are coming from Germany, everyone in Europe knows where the best beer comes from.

Germany is quite affordable as the cost of living is lower as in some bigger countries and people can even save some money as some products are produced in Germany domestically.

Germans have high speed internet and overall is a developed country regarding technologies, machinery and vehicles. Germans are intelligent and there is always room for interesting ideas and conversations.

To people who like to move to Germany has a great chance to live in one of the most economically and politically safe environments, as Germany has a low unemployment rates as well as focus on quality living.


Disadvantages of living in Germany

Social contributions from income in Germany are very high therefore the cut from salaries is much larger than is some other European countries.

Another disadvantage of living in Germany is that the entertainment at evenings is not very spread out. It could take a while to find an interesting club or place to relax at Friday night.

Germany is one of European countries that have a mannerism to have everything closed on Sundays which makes it much harder to travel to Germany at weekends. Though Germans have a routine that supports this Sunday holiday and usually those are spent with family, friends and enjoying activities outside.

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