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Top landmarks in China.

Chinese flag

The great wall of china, Huashan’s plank trail, Zhangjiajie national forest park, Huanglong national scenic reserve and others have a powerful vibe to them due to the overall popularity, the amount of visits and time locals, tourists and travellers all around the world have spent their precious moments there.

However, according to different internet resources, there are top ten places which stand out from the rest of the country’s attractions. These are: the Li river in Guilin, the Yellow mountains near Shanghai, the Potala palace in Tibet autonomous region, Victoria harbor in Hong Kong, West lake in Hangzhou, Xi’an in central China, the Great wall of China, spreading across the borders of the whole country, the Imperial palace in Beijing, Chengdu research base, the gardens of Suzhou.

The Li river (Guilin)

Some tourists claim that this river has captured China’s most celebrated beauty of nature. However, locals call this place – the heart of artists as many Chinese poets and other artistic people have masterpieces inspired by this place. This is an idyllic place for photography lovers and professionals. Many famous presidents visited the place in order to contemplate its beauty. The river is about 83 kilometres long. It has hills and cliffs, villages and beautiful bamboo groves around it.

The Yellow mountains (Shanghai, Hangzhou)

This place has several wonders – an eye-striking sunny scenery, a unique beauty of the soft clouds, an unbelievable rock variety, unusual pine tree variations and hot springs abundance. It also has beautiful crystal clear lakes around it. This beauty of this place belongs to a local national park, which today is most visited in China.

The Potala palace (Tibet)

This place is a symbol of Tibet since1994, when it was declared by UNESCO as a world’s cultural heritage site. A set of Tibetan history’s artifacts lies in this place – artistic sculptures, statues, beautiful jewels, manuscripts and murals.

Victoria harbor (Hong Kong)

This place can be seen even from the Great wall of China as it has a stunning view over the Hong Kong. Moreover, this is the best place to see the Hong Kong in all its beauty both, at night and in a daylight. High skyscrapers, lights of the Chinese bridges on the calm water – this place has an essence of China’s capital.

West lake (Hangzhou)

This place is referred to as paradise on earth due to its picturesque landscape. The lake itself was created as a garden style park for recreation. It is a tranquil place with combined urban as well as the nature’s silhouettes. It has a bridge, walkways, islands, hills best suitable for taking a great cruise on the lake and a good hike around it. This place can be referred to as a family nest.

Xi’an (central China)

Xi’an a huge historical heritage, starting from the times of a silk road and the imperial times up to the unification of China and till nowadays. This is the most famous ancient place in the country with the Terracotta army soldiers, 14th century 12 km long city walls and other evidences of a great history of China.

The Great wall of China (Northern provinces)

This 2000 year old historical monument has a world’s fame to it. 8,800 kilometers long man made rocky structure is a perfect place for observing China as it is, in all its beauty. The place has several territories. Most attractive is the Badaling. The wall is easy to climb and cross on foot.

The Imperial palace (Beijing)

This monument is referred as the most important building in China as it was a home to the Yuan Dynasty in the 13th and 14th century. It is a building complex as it has several palaces in its premises. Its history stretches back to start of the15th century. several dozens of emperors (Ming, Qing dynasties) settled there. Now it is a place of interest to almost any China’s visitor.

Chengdu research base (Chengdu)

Pandas live in this place as it is a research base of panda breeding. It has more than 80 animals available for seeing them during the special tours in English, which can take several hours to visit. The whole place has a 10 meter high wall with observation towers. Also, the place has five white marble bridges, the imperial throne building, the emperor’s banquet hall, the palace museum,Tiananmen square, many religious sites such as the Temple of heaven, dating back to the 15th century.

The classical Chinese gardens (Suzhou)

This place is referred to as classical historic gardens of China. It is also a UNESCO world heritage site. Created in the 11th century, when more than 270 of the gardens were planted. Now it is a whole garden complex with pools, hills, peach trees, beautiful engraved pathways, various sections and a double arcade connecting these sections.

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