Dominica: immigration guide

Published: Tuesday, 04 October 2022
Flag of Dominica

Moving to Dominica - guide

Dominica, sometimes known as the Caribbean's "natural island," is a haven for individuals who enjoy nature and the outdoors. Yes, it's a tropical island, but not the kind with white sand beaches and infinite coastlines.

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Education: comparing USA and Europe

Published: Friday, 30 September 2022

Education Abroad: the USA vs. Europe

One of the main reasons many people would like to receive an education in another country is the desire for a new, different from the usual educational experience. Teaching culture, student life, and just everyday life create a unique environment for international students.

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USA: cost of relocation

Published: Tuesday, 04 October 2022
Flag of USA

Price of Immigration to the USA

You will be needed to pay specific costs while applying for an American visa. The amount you must pay is decided on the type of visa you are seeking, as well as other variables including your nationality in some cases.

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UK: work and visa guide

Published: Friday, 30 September 2022
Flag of UK

Find work in London and obtain a British visa Full Guide

Many surveys of labor migrants from different countries and studies of authoritative agencies show that work in London, despite major political changes in the State Brexit, continues to be a great popular one and the dream of tens of thousands of foreigners.

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Cyprus: work visa obtaining

Published: Monday, 03 October 2022
Flag of Cyprus

Work permit in Cyprus

Cyprus is a member of the European Union (EU) and one of the fastest-growing economies in Europe. Citizens of any EU member country have not required a visa or work permit to work in Cyprus.

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USA: about the P visa

Published: Thursday, 29 September 2022
Flag and visa to USA

P Visa to the USA

Category P visas (P-1, P-2, and P-3) allow athletes, artists, and entertainers to work temporarily in the United States.

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Spain: universities for expats

Published: Sunday, 02 October 2022
Flag of Spain

Best Universities in Spain for Foreigners

Higher education in Spain is a good chance for a foreign student to combine education with pleasure. On the one hand, the opportunity to receive a diploma from a European university and, as a result, bright prospects for employment in any of the EU countries.

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Tajikistan: about the retirement

Published: Wednesday, 28 September 2022
Flag of Tajikistan

How to retire in Tajikistan as an ex-pat

Tajikistan is a country in Central Asia adjacent to Afghanistan, China, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan. Learn more about the visa to the country and the benefits of living there.

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Germany: citizenship through marriage

Published: Saturday, 01 October 2022
Flag of Germany, citizenship

How to get German citizenship through marriage

One of the developed and promising enough countries for life in Europe is Germany. It is popular not only for its culture and traditions but also for its economic stability.

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Solomon Islands: options to obtain passport

Published: Tuesday, 27 September 2022
Flag of Solomon Islands

Options for becoming a Citizen of the Solomon Islands

Nothing compares to the Solomon Islands when it comes to tropical island getaways. The Solomon Islands are an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean's south, rich and lavish.

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