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  • Buying property in Croatia as Indian citizen

    Buying property in Croatia as Indian citizen

    There are various limitations on the purchase of property in Croatia for Indian nationals. They need approval from the Ministry of Justice, are prohibited from buying agricultural land (unless they do so via a Croatian firm they control), and are subject to a 3% property acquisition tax. Look up the real estate records A crucial…

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  • Immigration to Croatia from India

    Immigration to Croatia from India

    As of January 2023, when Croatia joined the Schengen Area, the requirements for Indian travelers visiting Croatia aligned with those for other Schengen countries. To visit Croatia, simply apply for a Schengen visa. A maximum of 90 days may be spent in Croatia or the Schengen Area by visitors.  To apply for a Schengen visa…

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  • Finding accommodation in Croatia 

    Finding accommodation in Croatia 

    Croatia is a beautiful nation. It is an extensive west-facing Mediterranean beachfront that extends for miles. You can expect vivid sunsets with hues of peach and cherry over a sapphire-blue sea as a result. Croatia has fertile and abundant land and the Greeks and Romans were the first to consume wine. And Croatian olive oil…

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  • Getting an employment visa: Work permit in Croatia

    Getting an employment visa: Work permit in Croatia

    Croatia is a member of the European Union (EU) and enjoys a stable economy and growth. The country is considered one of the most pleasant places for employers and workers alike. A number of aspiring individuals enter Croatia every year with dreams of a prosperous future. Similarly, foreign companies wishing to expand their business footprint…

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  • Croatia: work as foreigner

    Croatia: work as foreigner

    Working in Croatia as an ex-pat. The Republic of Croatia attracts many labor emigrants from different countries. But legal work in Croatia, like in any other European country, causes some difficulties that involve substantial documentation. However, this does not stop foreigners from intending to find work in Croatia.

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  • Croatia: city for the living

    Croatia: city for the living

    Best cities to live in Croatia. Croatia is one of the youngest countries in Europe. In a short period of existence, the state has managed to join the EU, a visa to Croatia in 2020 is issued according to the relevant rules.

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  • Croatia: education guide

    Croatia: education guide

    Education in Croatia. Aside from being one of the most affordable places to live in Europe, Croatia has some of the most developed academic systems in the EU.

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  • Croatia: cost of life

    Croatia: cost of life

    Cost of living in Croatia. Croatia has recently joined the European Union and has become a coveted immigration destination for many. Croatia is a small state in the south of Central Europe that gained independence after the collapse of Yugoslavia 25 years ago.

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  • Croatia: job finding expat guide

    Croatia: job finding expat guide

    Finding a job in Croatia as an expat. Working in Croatia for foreigners is a good opportunity to immigrate to a prosperous European country with many places for recreation, including clean sea coasts, national parks, and mineral springs.

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  • Croatia: real estate purchase

    Croatia: real estate purchase

    Buying property in Croatia. Croatia is a beautiful country for foreigners looking for a comfortable place to enjoy their vacation, holiday, obtain EU citizenship, retire, do business, and even study. Croatia has always been a people’s favorite when it comes to affordable real estate.

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