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Australia: work visa

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The period of work depends on the selected type of visa. Some visas are issued only once, others can be obtained several times in a row.

NOTE! Any Australian work visa requires a sponsor. You cannot apply for a visa without an invitation or contract for a specific job in Australia.

A work visa can be one of the ways to immigrate to Australia. In some spheres of production, there is an acute shortage of qualified specialists, and often employers first invite the employee they need temporarily, and then they are ready to extend the contract and sponsor it to obtain a permanent Australian visa.

To obtain an Australian work visa, one job invitation is not enough. Your potential employer must first obtain a sponsorship permit from the Immigration Department, nominate you for a specific position, and only then can you apply for a visa.

Since this process is rather complicated, not every employer will agree to sponsor, especially if you are not personally acquainted with a potential employee. We represent the interests of employers and employees, accompanying the process at every stage. For some professions, we offer employment and sponsor services for an Australian work visa. Read more on our EMPLOYMENT page.

Temporary Work Visa (TSS) for 2 or 4 years

The Temporary Work Visa is for people who have an invitation to work in Australia from an employer. The sponsoring employer can be an Australian or foreign company doing business in Australia.

Requirements for the applicant and employer:

  • The employer must have a sponsorship permit (or apply for sponsorship as part of the visa process)
  • The stated position must be approved by the Immigration Department and must not be created specifically for the applicant to move to Australia
  • The declared position must be on the list of professions of the Department of Immigration. When choosing a profession from the additional list, all conditions according to the footnotes of the Department must be met (indicated by asterisks in the list)
  • The sponsoring company must be the direct employer of the applicant
  • The applicant must have the qualifications and skills necessary to work in the declared specialty
  • Sufficient level of English – IELTS 5.0 overall score and at least 4.5 in each aspect for a 2-year visa and at least 5.0 in each aspect when applying for a 4-year visa (higher if there are an employer or licensing requirements)
  • Evidence that the salary will comply with Australian law. Working conditions must be similar to those accorded to Australian citizens or residents in the same position.


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The visa is issued for a period of up to 2 or 4 years. After this period, it is possible to reapply for a similar visa if all the criteria indicated above are met. In April 2017, the Department of Immigration introduced a limit on the number of submissions. Now it is possible to extend a temporary work visa only once from the territory of Australia. The applicant can include family members who are eligible to study or work in Australia on the visa application.

An employee is prohibited from changing employers, engaging in work that does not correspond to the position specified in the visa application, as well as working in parallel for another employer or himself. There are no restrictions on the type of activity of the applicant’s family members.

Temporary work visas – short-term and seasonal work

There are several subclasses of visas that qualify for temporary work in Australia.

  • Youth visas for leisure and work.

There are 2 subclasses of such visas, differing in minor details. Which subclass is right for you is determined by your citizenship. Citizens of different countries are divided into 2 lists, which are replenished and updated from time to time. If you are a citizen of one of the listed countries, and you are under 30 years old (32 for 462 visas and 30 for 417), then you can come to Australia to rest and work for up to 1 year.

Both visas can be obtained again, but only once, if you have worked in a certain industry (for example, agriculture or construction) for at least 3 months on the first visa received.

  • Temporary visa for training or work in special specialties.

There are several temporary short-stay visas for work or training in a business in Australia. Many of these visas require an invitation to work or training for up to 12 months. Specialists of a very narrow profile, as well as some highly distinguished professions (for example, worshipers, crew members of air and water transport, especially talented athletes, etc.), may qualify for a visa.

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