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Dominican Republic – job and PR

Flag of Dominican Republic

Today, the Dominican Republic has won particular popularity among emigrants. Let’s consider what attracts foreigners to this island, how things are going with work there and what needs to be done to get a residence permit.

Job opportunities

The Dominican Republic is at the stage of active development of its economy and infrastructure. It is easy to open your own business here, but if there are no free funds for capital investments, you can get a job with quite a decent salary. So, where can you generally work in the Dominican Republic:

  1. The optimal solution in terms of making money is to open your own business. To do this, you need to know the language, draw up official documents and naturally have investments that will need to be directed to the development of the company.
  2. You can get a job as an employee in the tourism industry. It means that you can work in a tour agency, you can work as a seller in a gift shop, rent out real estate, or a car. 
  3. Work in the service sector. Specialists in their field are highly regarded in the Dominican Republic. For example, you are a good nail artist or hairdresser. Men can be very good at auto repair.
  4. The Dominican Republic requires IT specialists, managers, teachers, and many specialties that are in short supply for the republic.

As you can see, the list of vacancies in the Dominican Republic is not so great, but if you want to move to the island, you can always find a job here. The salaries here are average. Hired workers should not count on millions, but you can live on the money you earn and enjoy life. Everything makes the Dominican Republic attractive for labor immigrants. Starting from the climate to the simplified procedure for obtaining residency (residence permit).

How to find a job: 5 tips for a foreigner

Successful employment largely depends on the education, qualifications, work experience, and personal qualities of the applicant. Based on this, the first tip is to write a good resume and prepare a cover letter.

Second, improve your knowledge of the Spanish language. It will significantly expand the list of possible vacancies.

Third. Visit the Dominican Republic first as a tourist. During this time, you will take a closer look at the potential place of work, learn the nuances, weigh the pros and cons.

And the fourth tip is the right choice of the Dominican region for your employment. It is easier and faster to find a job in the capital of the republic – Santo Domingo.

It is the economic and business center of the country. You can also take a closer look at regions such as Puerto Plata and La Altagracia, where vacancies in tourist orientation are mainly offered.

The fifth tip is to be active. After all, connections and acquaintances greatly simplify the process of finding a job. Registering on social networks, reading forums, professional social network can also help in a job search.

If you cannot find work in the republic on your own, you can always contact a recruiting agency. In any case, with a strong desire, the result will always be!

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Features of labor immigration

To work in the Dominican Republic, you need to apply for a work visa. There is the following order to obtain it:

  • A foreigner needs to conclude an employment contract with an employer from the Dominican Republic.
  • The official labor department simultaneously checks the legality of the employment and issues a work permit.
  • An application for a work visa must be submitted to the consulate of the country of residence. The document is valid for 1 year and gives the right to work in the Dominican Republic. Together with the application, the applicant must provide a visa application form, color photos for documents, a valid passport, a copy of a civil passport, medical insurance, a criminal record, previous visas to the Dominican Republic, and an invitation to work. Consular officials may ask for additional information. The documents must be translated into Spanish and notarized.

After the application has been reviewed and you receive a positive response at the consulate, you can safely go to the Dominican Republic with a work visa. The visa also allows opening a bank account and getting a driver’s license.

Getting a residence permit

Working in the Dominican Republic based on a visa is good. But resident status opens up more opportunities. Therefore, if you are ready for the Dominican Republic to become your second home, we offer you the service of obtaining a residence permit.

To obtain a residence permit you need a foundation. Employment is a good reason. The process of obtaining a residence permit is presented in two stages:

  • Registration of a resident visa.
  • Obtaining a residence permit.

The application and documents are reviewed within 2-4 weeks. Documents that will be required:

  1. international passport;
  2. a photo; medical certificate 86 / y;
  3. bank account statement;
  4. certificate of good conduct;
  5. certificates of marriage, the birth of children.

Having received a visa, you should arrive in the Dominican Republic within 30 days and proceed to the second stage of obtaining a residence permit, which is the submission of original documents to the Department of the Migration Service.

The lawyer will register the applicant for a residence permit. Also, the mandatory conditions for obtaining a residence permit will be a medical examination and personal presence when issuing a saddle.

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