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Costa Rica: work permit obtaining

Work permit - Costa Rica

For one thing, acquiring a working visa in the country is nearly hard owing to the state’s tough measures to guarantee that outsiders do not take positions that Costa Ricans are qualified for.

Furthermore, while the country provides short-term residency visas to individuals who wish to stay further than three months, these licenses do not always enable the bearer to operate. Without previous authorization, just Costa Rican nationals or Permanent Residents are permitted to function in the country.

However, that doesn’t rule out the possibility of short-term Residency Card bearers operating in the country.


Work Visas in Costa Rica

A Costa Rica employment visa, like a study permit, belongs to the “Special Category” of visa approvals. It signifies that the bearer will operate and stay in the nation according to the Ministry of Labor and National Security’s guidelines. 

The following country employment visas are part of the “Special Category” of foreigners:

  • Permits for Musicians, Sportsmen, and Celebrities to Perform in the country 
  • Academic and skilled visitors to Costa Rica must get a working visa. 
  • Transferee Employees can operate in Costa Rica with a working visa. 
  • Regular Repair Programs and Preventive Post-Sale Control require an employment visa in-country. 
  • Operating in the country requires a working visa for some professions. 
  • Permission to operate in the country as a private helper in a specified vocation. 
  • Work visa in Costa Rica for a particular occupation with a corporation. 
  • Self-employed workers in the farming, building and commercial industries can operate in the country with a working visa. 
  • License to function in Costa Rica for self-employed persons working for a well-established organization
  • Short-term work permits are available in the country.
  • Work permits for transborder employees are available in the country.

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Working for Foreign Citizens in Costa Rica

The following are the most popular ways for international citizens to make money while residing in Costa Rica:

Work from home (online)

While residing in Costa Rica, you can operate for a non-Costa Rican corporation or freelance, making money from outside the country. If your presence in Costa Rica is more than 90 days, you must file for permanent citizenship.

Starting a company

Entrepreneurs and renters with short-term Residency Permits can start a corporation in Costa Rica, but they are not authorized to operate in it. So, you can start an organization and make money, but you’ll need to hire Costa Ricans to perform for you.

Papers Needed for a Work Permit in Costa Rica 

The following documentation must be submitted with a Costa Rica work visa proposal:

  • A working visa online application that you can obtain from the immigration office’s official website
  • A cover letter that includes all of your essential information such as your full name, qualifications, the purpose of visit, monthly income, etc. 
  • Two passport size pictures that are recently clicked. Ensure that the photos contain 80% of the face in the frame and are clicked against the white background. 
  • You must show evidence that you have submitted the requisite registration cost for a working visa. 
  • A copy of your identity documents
  • Make photocopies of all of your passport sheets, including the empty ones. Each one must be certified. 
  • Your company’s letter detailing your pay, period of work, and job title. 
  • The employing firm’s licensing papers 
  • Verify if the firm that is recruiting you is legitimate. 
  • Your country’s police approval document. 
  • Filing evidence from a Costa Rican embassy

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