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Relocation guide: Costa Rica

The conditions created by the government for work and business make it possible to find here a second home for specialists in any field of activity. 

Immigration to Costa Rica is gaining popularity also because there are no complicated bureaucratic obstacles for foreigners, and the collection of documents is quite transparent and understandable. 

About Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a small state in Central America, washed by the Pacific Ocean in the south and west and the Caribbean Sea in the east. Costa Rica ranks 2nd in terms of living standards in the region and is also one of the happiest countries in the world. Surprisingly, Costa Rica has a predominantly white population, the indigenous population was almost destroyed during the colonization of the country by the Spaniards. 

Costa Rica is a very beautiful country, there are many reserves, mountains, waterfalls, underwater caves. Most of the country is covered with forests. 

Costa Rica is home to 500,000 species of plants, insects, and animals. Along the coast of Costa Rica, there are islands, one of which is Cocos Island, which the famous Jacques-Yves Cousteau called the most beautiful in the world. 

Currently, this uninhabited island is a major international diving center. The climate in Costa Rica is diverse, the country has several climatic zones. The climate diversity is explained by the mountainous terrain. The most pleasant climate is in the lowlands, the average January temperature is +23 degrees, the average July temperature is +25 degrees. 

Immigration to Costa Rica is ideal for: 

  • entrepreneurs who are planning to start a business in Costa Rica
  • freelancers who will make money on the Internet;
  • people who can live in Costa Rica on income from their homeland.


You can immigrate to Costa Rica if you have a permanent income abroad, that is, live without working. You need a bank certificate at the rate of $ 1,500 per month, per year. Please note that if the bank statement contains a smaller amount, we will help (the surcharge for this assistance is 200 euros).


You can immigrate to Costa Rica, provided that you have a pension of at least 1000 USD per month. If your amount is less, we will help you (the surcharge for this assistance is 200 euros). 

Birth of a child

All that is required of you is to have a baby in Costa Rica. The child receives citizenship, and all family members receive a residence permit. It is free to give birth to a child in a public clinic (pregnant women and children under 14 years of age receive health care in Costa Rica free of charge, including all medications). 


Having entered the university, you will receive a residence permit. By the way, the quality of education is good, the diploma received is quoted in Europe and the USA. The cost of training depends on the university and specialty, from 350 USD per term.


You can get a work permit if you have obtained a residence permit in Costa Rica. But, the right to work cannot be obtained by a person who is registered based on a “pensioner” and the head of the family, who draws up a residence permit based on “Rentier” (the head of the “Rentier” family can obtain the right to work a year after obtaining a residence permit in Costa Rica), since both categories assume that you live on income from your homeland.


Doing business is not difficult, opening a company is also very simple in Costa Rica, the main thing is to pay taxes. 

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Procedure for obtaining a residence permit in Costa Rica

To obtain a residence permit in Costa Rica, you need to come to the country. The document list should include: 

  • original birth certificate and a notarized copy with an apostille;
  • police clearance certificate with apostille.

Please note that the certificate must be no older than 1.5 months. 

Additional documents

If you are applying for a residence permit in Costa Rica under the “Rentier” category, you need a bank certificate. Amount 1500 USD * 12 months.

If you are applying for a residence permit in Costa Rica under the category of “pensioner”, you need a certificate from the pension fund, which confirms that you are receiving at least 1000 USD pension/month.

Obtain residence permit

The process of obtaining a residence permit in Costa Rica is quite simple. You need to come to Costa Rica and come to our office, which is located in the city of San Jose. After submitting documents and submitting fingerprints to the police, a certificate is issued, which entitles you to stay in Costa Rica and await a decision on granting a residence permit.

Waiting period

Time for issuing a decision – about a year. Important: the obtained residence permit (residence permit) does not need to be renewed. However, you need to visit Costa Rica at least once a year so that the residence permit is not canceled for a long absence.

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