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UAE: how to get work

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It’s no secret that in the United Arab Emirates, the standard of living is second only to Switzerland and Liechtenstein. It has an excellent education, extremely high incomes, a loyal tax system, in particular for business. Employment in the UAE is a legal opportunity to live longer in this Arab country and gain valuable experience. As in any Muslim state, the customs of the Emirates have their restrictions and prohibitions, some of which also apply to foreigners. At the same time, the UAE opens up unprecedented prospects for the daredevil. And women are getting more and more rights here, despite Muslim traditions and conservatism.

Job search in the United Arab Emirates

The economy in the UAE is developing rapidly, but there is not enough local personnel. Citizens of the state are practically not hired to work in the field of construction, in the service sector, and even more so do not go to unskilled positions. Therefore, the government of the Emirates has nothing against the participation of foreigners in the labor market. It is not without reason that immigrants make up 90% of all employees in the country.

Of course, some vacancies for foreigners are closed: they cannot become civil servants, hold key positions in the field of economic management. Employing in the United Arab Emirates, immigrants from the CIS join the ranks of a million foreigners, for whom jobs are created in this country every year. The UAE economy is developing rapidly, new jobs are created every year.

Some nuances of the UAE labor legislation

UAE legislation governing the relationship of employees with employers is mainly aimed at protecting foreigners. On the other hand, for violations of an employment contract by an employee or its early termination, there are stricter sanctions than, for example, in Europe. The Ministry of Labor usually punishes such a foreigner with a six-month ban on further employment. In the event of a breach of the terms of the contract, this sanction may last for a year. And for the transfer to another place, you will have to pay a special fee to the state.

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Useful sites for a remote job search in the Emirates

It is possible to find a job in the UAE, being directly in the country, and the chances of applicants are quite high. But more often than not, foreigners prefer remote job searches. There are many proposals on the forum, where vacancies are discussed and offered. Often on the Internet, advertisements with job invitations and a list of requirements for candidates are placed by large companies and hotels in the Emirates. 

There are also specialized sites where you can get acquainted with the list of offers:

  • (these are job advertisements in the emirate of Dubai).

Applicants for positions with high qualifications – doctors, managers, programmers – are encouraged to send their resumes to the addresses of these sites. You can also use the website of the Emirates Ministry of Labor to search for vacancies and submit your CV (

What determines employment in the UAE

Traditionally, the government of the Emirates has encouraged the recruitment of foreign workers for low-cost unskilled labor. But in recent years, it has also shown interest in the work of highly educated people. What they pay special attention to when applying for a job in the Emirates:

  • knowledge of English,
  • availability of education,
  • existing experience,
  • practical skills,
  • ability to work in a team.


A presentable appearance is of great importance since in the UAE it is believed that by the appearance of employees, the prestige of the company is judged.

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