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Germany: best cities for immigration

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This happened because, for a long period, Germany was divided into several independent states. Many people dream of moving here for permanent residence. Before deciding on this serious step, it is important to understand in detail in which city it is preferable to live, where it will be more favorable to work and rest.


The picturesque capital of Bavaria is located in the south of the country, on the banks of the Isar River. The climate is continental due to its proximity to the Alps. In the warmest summer month, the maximum air temperature is +23 degrees, there is no sweltering heat. Very rainy first two months of summer. In winter, the lowest temperature is -4, there is little snow.

Hotel accommodation is expensive. You can find hotels in a residential area where a double room for one night will cost 50-60 EUR. In a mid-range hotel located in the city center, such a room costs 130-240 euros. It is cheaper to stay in hostels where a bed costs 50-90 EUR. In the central regions, it is a little more expensive – 65-90 €. Renting an apartment is expensive, increasing every year.

Rent a one-room apartment in a residential area in Munich – 820 EUR per month, in the central part of the city the same apartment will cost 1050, a two-room apartment – 2060. It is very expensive to buy real estate in Munich. The average cost of 1 m2 in a residential area is 6760 EUR in the center – 9640.

High prices for utilities here, from 144 to 205 € monthly. The cost of mobile communication depends on the operator and the specific tariff. A minute of local calls will cost an average of 0.09 EUR. In general, the connection costs about 40 euros per month, including the cost of mobile Internet, which is provided in the amount of 1.5 GB per month. Home internet is sometimes below average in quality, but it is not cheap – 29 EUR per month. The cost of a monthly pass in public transport – starts at least 52 €.

aerial view of city buildings during sunset

The labor market in Munich is the largest, it is not a problem to find a job here, which is very convenient for those who decide to move. It is easy to find a job for a highly qualified specialist, an ordinary worker without education. It always needs workers in the field of catering, loaders, builders, nannies, cleaners. The average salary is € 2,600.

The infrastructure is the best in the state, one of the best in the world. Provides tourists, residents, guests with luxury hotels, shopping centers, shops, restaurants, libraries, many cultural centers, museums. The Schwabing area is popular among students and young people. There are universities nearby. You can relax in bars, cafes, nightclubs. Business, enterprising people prefer the Haidhausen district, located on the right bank of the Isar. The most expensive quarters are Bogenhausen, Leel.


In terms of comfort, Berlin does not occupy the first place, but today millions of tourists and those who want to buy real estate come here. In terms of high cost, it is inferior to Munich. Each area has its personality, its atmosphere. Charlottenburg is considered an elite place in Berlin, and Kreuzberg is trendy and multicultural. Prenzlauer Berg is called the center of Turkish culture. For those who dream of living in peace, luxury, comfort, the Grunewald area is ideal.

In summer, especially in mid-July, the weather is hot, up to +32 in the daytime and +15 at night. In winter, it can be up to -6, it often snows, even snowstorms happen. In general, the climate is relatively pleasant, continental.

Renting a one-room apartment in the center will cost up to 722 EUR, in other areas – up to 530. The cost of housing also depends on the location. Most expensive in the center, cheap in the eastern regions. The most demanded real estate in the west of Berlin.

Buying a one-room apartment will cost from 115,000 €, a three-room dwelling not in the center – 300,000. Utility bills are 140-160 EUR per month. Internet for the home with normal speed – 23 € monthly. A metropolitan transport pass costs 81 EUR.

time-lapse photography of vehicle at the road in between the building at nighttime aerial photography

With a normal profession, good knowledge of languages, it is not difficult to find a well-paid job. The average salary after taxes is 2013 €.

Berlin always needs specialists in the following areas:

  • the medicine
  • pharmaceuticals
  • transport
  • energetics
  • tourism
  • connection

Berlin is a major transport hub with two airports and a subway. There are many shopping centers, various museums, cafes, and restaurants. Festivals, parades, holidays are often held, which are very popular among the population and tourists.


The second-largest German city, located on the banks of the Elbe River. The climate here is maritime, with warm summers and mild winters. It is often damp and cloudy from November to February. Small frosts and snowfalls are frequent in winter.

brown concrete buildings beside river

It is difficult to rent a house in Hamburg, often the landlord will have to pay immediately for 3 months. The most expensive in the center, where the average cost of a one-room apartment is 735 EUR per month, in other areas prices are within 513 €. Utility bills will cost 190 euros per month. How much to pay for the Internet depends on the operator and tariff. For a good high-speed internet, it will be 25 €. In order not to splurge on a taxi, which costs 2 euros per kilometer, it is more profitable to buy a pass for a month for 76 EUR.

It is very favorable to work and build a career here. Large companies, small firms operate in Hamburg, the aviation industry is developing, the largest port in Europe is functioning, where specialists and workers are needed. Salaries are considered one of the highest in Europe after taxes are deducted – 2115 €.

The infrastructure in terms of moving is good, represented by various cafes, restaurants, markets, large shopping centers, numerous shops selling everything from souvenirs to clothing, household items, jewelry. You can walk in one of the dozens of well-groomed parks, visit museums.

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