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Why do you need to immigrate to Argentina

Moving to Argentina and staying here is not so difficult. Argentina has always favored immigration. Argentina attracts people from all over the world with its security, freedom, and wonderful climate. In this article, we take a look at the top 7 positive aspects of Argentina for immigration.

Argentina city


A real democracy operates in Argentina, which has proven in practice its resistance to the possible usurpation of power by the presidents.

No matter how the previous president tried to change the constitution, close the opposition media, and otherwise take power in the country into her own hands, nothing came of it. It’s all about a working judicial system and the enormous power of independent media.

No juggling and a real intrigue about the winner of the presidential race is guaranteed to you. BesidesBesides, Argentina is practically unaware of terrorist and military threats. The two largest terrorist attacks in the history of Argentina took place in 1992-1994 and affected the embassy and cultural center of Israel.

Tolerant social environment in Argentina

Argentina has laws that protect the rights of religious, sexual, and national minorities. Argentina was the first on the continent to legalize same-sex marriage and is among the leaders in decriminalizing marijuana. The country has a huge number of Christian churches, synagogues, and mosques. National minorities have direct contact with the government.

The capital of Argentina regularly hosts one of the continent’s largest gay pride parades. For national holidays, the central avenues of the city are blocked several times a month.

The largest national protest, Ni una menos, is aimed at drawing attention to the problem of violence against women. At the same time, Argentines are massively demanding the legalization of abortion, prostitution, and marijuana.

The Argentine police do not disperse numerous protests and demonstrations. Here they do not even need to be coordinated with anyone. All this allows the authorities to be in constant dialogue with society and promptly respond to acute problems.

Quality free education

Argentina gives the right to free education of any level – from elementary to higher. Everyone, including non-resident foreigners. School certificates and higher education diplomas issued by Argentine public and private universities are quoted throughout the world. Especially medical, as well as diplomas in biology, chemistry, and agriculture.

Free and paid medicine in Argentina

Argentina guarantees the right to free medical care to everyone who is in the country, including non-resident foreigners. On a free basis, you can get both basic and high-tech medical care, including IVF, cancer, and HIV therapy. Argentine surgeons perform all modern operations. The level of psychiatric and psychological care in Argentina significantly exceeds the American counterparts. Argentine maternity hospitals also rightfully earn their reputation as among the world’s most advanced.

Business security and low competition in the market

There are a huge number of unoccupied niches in the market of goods and services or employed, but working in a complete absence of competition.

Argentines are slow, service quality is rarely important enough for any Argentine business owner. Immigrants are very successful in the technology and trade business, as well as in construction and import-export operations.

Excellent climate

All climatic and natural zones find representation across Argentina’s territory, making the choice of a residence based on climatic preferences straightforward. In the capital of the country, Buenos Aires, the minimum winter night temperatures rarely drop to the level of 0 …- 1 degree, daytime temperatures are in the range of +15 … + 25 degrees for most of the year.

Quality vegetables, meat, and wine

The country produces food for 400 million people a year. Also, the country’s population is about 45 million people. Without expanding the cultivated area, Argentina can easily feed 500 million people, and Argentine meat is known all over the world. So are Argentine apples, lemons, oranges, and cheeses.

Choosing it as a country of residence, you also choose the best food products that are bought all over the world, despite the significant removal of Argentina from the markets.

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