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Useful tips: traveling to Brazil

Flag of Brazil

The main spoken language is Portuguese as the country was originally given to Portugal in the year 1494. English is not widely spoken in Brazil, therefore sometimes harder for tourists to get by.

One of the overall advantages to Brazil is that it is the country with a lot of agricultural exportation goods growing in it – coffee, soybeans, rice, corn, and many more cultures are raised in Brazil. There are also a lot of natural resources in the country, like iron, tin, platinum, and others.

There are many reasons Brazil could be a perfect destination for traveling. Nature is beautiful, the climate is tropical and pleasant, and the culture is bright and filled with warm and welcoming people. In the following paragraphs see what you should know when traveling to Brazil.

The legal process for traveling to Brazil

When the selected destination is chosen to be in Brazil, a person must first take care of any legal procedures and requirements to get into the country quickly and easily. In the summer of this year – 2019, Brazil has accepted a visa-free regime for United States, Japan, Australia, and Canada that allows getting into the country and ensuring a stay for up to 90 days. For other countries it depends, some need business visas and some need a tourist visa, but overall the visa acquiring procedure is quite similar. Some countries have to obtain visas in advance.

Overall the visa obtaining procedure is quite simple with all the right documents signed, valid, and prepared.

Documentation needed for applying for the visa

To apply for any visa to travel to Brazil, the person has to have a passport that’s valid for at least 6 months with a page that is available to add visa stamps, a photo that is set up like a passport photo, a copy of the tickets bought for the trip to Brazil sometimes even flight information and a signed letter of the travel agency who organized bookings, the application form for visa with everything filled and signed, for younger travelers additional certificate of vaccines and consent from parents if the child is under 18 years of age.

Laws in Brazil

When going to Brazil, there should always be a heads-up about the differences in-laws and other important factors of having a safe and careful trip through Brazil. Brazil is no stranger to drug use widely in nightclubs, taxis, etc. Brazil has a very strict sober driving policy which means there is zero tolerance to having alcohol in the blood of a driver. Brazilian law has strict laws about homophobic phrases and statements.

The crime levels are quite high in Brazil and therefore there is a high chance of people being robbed in the streets and having carjacked at stop signs at night. Tourists are the usual victims as they carry their money and technology with them therefore it is advised to be aware of the possibility of theft.

aerial photography of cityscape near sea

Brazil’s culture

Like any country in the world, there are many differences in climate, laws, and culture. Culture is quite different from the other countries as Brazilians highly value religion and family. The greetings are usually made very warm and welcoming by women kissing each other on the cheek and men having a handshake.

Brazilians are usually very expressive and always like to speak their opinions and express their feelings. They often are too expressive for travelers that come from Northern Europe, Asian countries or other more conservative locations. Often time’s women get to experience too much attention from Brazilians on the streets and in nightclubs as that is a norm to be outspoken about attraction, etc.

Things to see in Brazil

After the person is introduced to legal details of traveling to Brazil, has become aware of differences in-laws, and learned about the culture of Brazilians, the next step is to plan the trip around the most popular and most beautiful Brazil’s treasures.

The first thing that has to be seen in real life is Foz do Iguacu, which is a waterfall that is one of the largest in the world. This waterfall is well-known and attracts tourists all over the world with its outstanding beauty in harmony with Brazil’s weather and nature.

For tourists wanting to see Brazil’s little paradise – Fernando de Noronha which is a location made from 21 islands. This beautiful location presents the blue waters filled with dolphins, reefs, and tropical fish that will definitely take your breath away.

Lencois Maranhenses National Park is also a place where tourists like to take pictures and enjoy the unusual desert landscape which is filled with some beautiful lagoons.

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