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Russian visa types

Since the Soviet period, Russia has been a favourite travel destination as it offers a wide range of sceneries through its territory. The treasures of Russia are endless and the most popular sites are Red Square, Tretyakov Gallery and Hermitage.

With the increased tourism and economic development of the country, immigration to Russia has been increasing as well. The largest immigrant crowds come from countries like Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan and Moldova.

To obtain a permit to live and work in Russia, you must go through some legal procedures like obtaining a visa. Even for travelers who go to Russia for entertainment purposes, a visa has to be obtained.

Let’s see the different Russian visa types that can be obtained.


Russian Tourist Visa

For traveling to Russia and getting to see the country and explore its heritage, you have to obtain Russian Tourist Visa.

The Russian Tourist Visa can be obtained by submitting the required paperwork to Russian Embassy or a Consulate. Person that desires to get a tourist visa has to have a passport with at least two blank visa pages.

To apply for a visa, Russian visa application form has to be filled and after that, two copies need to be submitted. Furthermore, you need to provide a photo with your signature on the other side. As for proof of staying in the country, the papers of hotel reservations also have to be submitted.

The period that it takes to apply and get this short-term stay visa is about 30 days. Cost of the visa process is 150 EUR maximum.


Russian Private Visa

Russian Private Visa that is also called Homestay Visa is a visa for those who have friends and family in the country. This visa is rather tricky and complicated to obtain.

In case you will apply, you should do so though the Consulate.

Documents required to apply for Russian Private Visa:

  • Passport;
  • Two copies of application form;
  • One passport type photo;
  • Visa entitlement certificate.


Visa entitlement certificate must be sent to you by your host in Russia.

Another way to get this visa is by writing a notarized request of a European Union citizen that lives legally in Russian Federation.

The period of Russian Private Visa is a minimum of 60 days and the cost is approximately 100 EUR.


Russian Business Visa

Russian Business Visa is one of the most popular visas to get. Getting a business visa to go to Russia requires the same type of documents as for previous ones and the official invite from organization or business that has been approved to invite visitors to Russia.

Another thing to note is that for the business trips that last more than 3 months, you must acquire a multi entry visa and a HIV test.

Cost of this visa varies as there are many factors that impact the visa obtaining period. These factors are visa validity period, way of how application is submitted to the Consulate, prices of visa assistant, citizenship, and the sole purpose of visiting Russia as well as other factors.

Average period of obtaining a business visa is up to 30 days and costs up to 350 EUR. However, this will depend on what type of visa it is. There can be multi-entry, single-entry or double-entry visa options.


Russian Transit Visa

Even if you just transit through Russia, you will have to acquire a transit visa. This visa is only for people who do not stay in the transit zone that connects the flights. Russian Transit Visa could be for single-entry or double entry and grants up to 3 days travelling in air and 10 days by car.


Russian Visa for Highly Qualified Specialist

Russian Visa for Highly Qualified Specialist is a visa that is similar to work visa, but easier to get. This visa grants the amount of salary paid in a year to a specialist foreigner that works in Russia with this kind of visa.

Highly Qualified Specialist visa takes up to 20 days to set up and obtain. Furthermore, an invitation from the employer is required. After the visa is obtained, its owner can stay in Russia for up to 3 years. The visa is made on the basis of Work Permit that is issued by Russian Migration organizations.

There is an option to extend the visa period by some time. To do so, you must go to Russian Migration office and extend it in person.

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