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USA: studying in English

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By coming to study English in the United States, you will join the world’s largest community of international students, and you will be able to fully benefit from this for your future career or study.

Students from abroad are treated very well in America’s schools and universities, and Americans as a nation are very friendly and welcoming. Finally, many employers will appreciate your knowledge gained in this country, as well as the important communication and communication skills that are traditionally instilled in international students while studying in the United States.

It is good to know that the same high-quality education awaits you from north to south because language schools in the United States are located everywhere in the country. Most of the language schools in America are networked, working according to uniform methods and having equally high technological equipment. Also, English courses are offered by some American universities: as a rule, such classes are intended for students who plan to enter this university in the future.

Living in the country while taking English courses in the United States can also be considered as part of the educational process. Many schools offer house rooms not only in residences but also in host families: in this case, the student will interact with native speakers in their free time. As well as excursions, shopping, or other pastime are not only entertaining in nature but help to hone the knowledge gained in real situations.

English courses in the USA

Language courses in America are designed for those who aim to quickly and efficiently learn modern English and obtain a diploma or certificate. Language schools in America recommend a broad diversity of programs depending on the purposes of the students.

One of the most popular programs is the General English course that can be easily combined with rest, journeys or sports. This solution is perfect for a useful “vacation” pastime.

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For those whose plans are more ambitious, we offer intensive English courses in the USA. In this case, the number of lessons increases. For better improvement, it is possible to take additional individual lessons with a teacher.

For those students whose need for learning a language is linked to professional tasks, English schools in the United States offer business English courses, preparation courses for the international TOEFL exam, and general preparation courses for further study at universities in English-speaking countries.

In a word, for whatever purpose you come to America, finding suitable language courses will not be difficult!

Cost of English courses in the USA

Many students think that language courses in the USA are very expensive. This is not entirely true. The cost of English study programs in America alters greatly. The cost of intensive or individual lessons is always higher than the standard course. It is more expensive to study in the center of New York or the southern states than in small cities of the “middle zone”), as well as the season (traditionally, summer and New Year holidays – the highest prices).

The role and preferences of the student himself play a role: the final cost of English courses in the United States is influenced by the type of accommodation, meals, spending on leisure, and the class of air travel.

The budget option of studying English in the United States will cost 1500-2000 USD for a weekly course. The cost of an intensive can be 2-3 times higher. The cost of individual learning is 50-100 USD per lesson.

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