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Demographics of USA

USA population map.

United States has largest overall economy out of the globe but doesn’t have the highest GDP per capita. United States GDP per capita is behind some other smaller countries, like Luxembourg and Australia that is economically based on servicing international finance. There is a person born every 8 seconds and death every 11 seconds.


Life expectancy and quality

In the United States of America the average life expectancy of person in year 2017 is 79 years. Typical also in other parts of the globe than women have higher life expectancy than men. United States is not very appealing regarding life expectancy rates, but Hawaii is a state with the highest life expectancy that is 81 years.

Ranking of happiness that was conducted for years 2012 to 2014 the United States of America were in 15th place out of all the world countries. Age structure in United States of America is 0-24 years is 32 percent of population 25 years to 54 year-olds is 39 percent of people in America and the 55 and over is 29 percent of population. In quality of life rating the United States are in 17th place, which means that possibly average quality of living in the States is not as good. United States has been called the most dominant economy and have a lead military power.


Economic class of United States

The United States has very distinctive differences between people’s social class and economical characteristics that come with social status. The usual division of social class characteristics in United States is Capitalist class that presents the top-level executives and Ivy League educated people, upper middle class that is high-educated people, lower middle class, working class, working poor and underclass people by Dennis Gilbert division principal.


The American Dream

The American Dream is also a widely known phrase that claims that the United States of America is a place to achieve any goal and so to say – make it in the area of choice. Many immigrants move to America because of the endless opportunity, consumerism and demand culture of the country.


Ethnicity and race diversity in the USA

Regarding the ethnicity and race diversity in the country, there are many ancestry countries in the United States people DNA, like Germans, Irish, Italian, Polish and other. Races are widely spread though the territory – white, African American, American Indian, Asian and other races. Each race has its own more populated cities, for example, there are the most Asian people in Hawaii and largest count of white race people in Maine and Vermont. Most of the time America is seen as a country of free speech and the most diversity in its residents. The proud American usually is knowledgeable about the history and strives to be accepting to other type of opinions, politic beliefs, ethnicities and religion.


Immigration and emigration rates

There are also a lot of legal and illegal immigrants that come to United States of America. Approximately 80 percent of illegal and legal immigrants come from Latin America. There is a large count of Chinese and Indian immigrants that also come to United States.

Religion in the United States

Religion in United States is very diverse as other areas of characteristics of the country. Protestant/Christian rates to 48 percent of population with many varieties of Christianity religious branches, like Baptists and Evangelicals, Episcopalians and others. 23 percent are Catholic. There is also Judaism, Islam and Mormonism. Lesser practices religions include Hindus, Wiccans and other. Also quite a large part of the population, about 20 percent identifies as Atheists or Agnostic.


Languages in the U.S.A.

The United States of America can be proud of the diversity and ethnicities of residents. Languages the residents and immigrants introduce give a variety of speech in every region. For example, Native Americans most widely used language is Southern Quechua. More than 7 million people speak the language Southern Quechua. At federal level there is no official language, but all legalities and working language is English. State of Hawaii has two official languages – English and Hawaiian.


Largest cities and population in urban areas

United States of America is very populated in urban areas, therefore one of the world’s largest cities are found in United States. Largest city in United States of America is s New York. Population in city’s territory is estimated at 8.5 million people. In early 1900s city held the nomination for biggest city in the world. Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States of America with 4 million people living in it.

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