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Demographics of Great Britain

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The capital is London which is the most populated city in the Great Britain and as a capital in the Europe by population. Population density is high with most of the people living in urban and suburban areas. Fertility rates in the country is 2 children per woman according to 2012 data. Overall Great Britain is culturally diverse, developed and plays a huge role in Europe as an influential country regarding economics, culture, etc.


Life expectancy and quality

In the Great Britain there is a birth happening every 40 seconds and a death every 50 seconds as at 2019. Life expectancy in Great Britain is almost 81 years that is a high life expectancy in comparison to other European countries, for example Baltic countries. The largest causes of deaths in Great Britain are heard disease and Dementia or/and Alzheimer’s disease. Great Britain is an expensive place to live in as London has one of the highest prices for real estate, groceries and transport. The best quality of life index is highest in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Bristol and London. Brits have a very distinct traditions and values that differentiate from European countries.


Education level in Great Britain

Great Britain has a high literacy rate in comparison to other countries. This is due to public education system in the country therefore the people are more knowledgeable and due to that – getting better chances in international work environment. Great Britain is home for one of the most highly rates universities and colleges like Oxford, Imperial College and Cambridge and students of these elite schools statistically have attended state schools. Country ranks one of the highest in women equality in education, work environment and economic participation.


Employment and poverty rates

Unemployment rates in Great Britain is low, which is a correlation between the high literacy rates and public schooling system. Great Britain’s poverty levels are really low as only 7 percent of population is having poverty. Women still make less money than men in Great Britain. Even if the country has a number of different ethnicities, as the large part of black and mixed race Brits are unemployed in comparison white Brits that experience only 4 percent of unemployment rate, but overall the rates are really low.


Ethnicity and race diversity in Great Britain

Great Britain has a diverse residents and mixture of other nationalities. For example, the largest contributing countries regarding families in Great Britain are Poland, India and Pakistan. Biggest part of the ethnic group in Great Britain is white with over 80 percent of population. There is also African/Caribbean/black as well as Asian, Indian, Pakistani and other ethnicities.

Religions in Great Britain

Great Britain has approximately half of population that identifies as irreligious. The other half is Anglican Christians and non-Anglican Christians as well as Roman Catholic, Islam and other religions and beliefs. In comparison to other European countries the religion in Great Britain is not a widely discussed and problematic topic as the large part of population do not have strong beliefs that may lead to conflict.


Languages in Great Britain

Great Britain’s official language is English, but it has a lot of people that speak, write and use other languages, for example Scot, Ulster-Scot, Irish and Cornish. English is the most used language, but after that Polish is also used a lot due to immigrants and residents using the language amongst the communities and using it in household.


Largest cities and population in country

In Great Britain the largest city is London with more than 8 million residents living in urban area. Other big cities with high population are Birmingham and Manchester. The urban areas is a very expensive to live in and large cities are very populated. London is known for many popular tourism attractions such as the Big Ben tower, Buckingham castle and the London’s eye. Another noticeable addition to Great Britain’s cities is the red telephone booths. London is one of the globally most noticed cities as it has been described as the most influential economic, business and lifestyle wise, most expensive and most desirable regarding real estate, business creation, travel and economic situation. London is also the area with the most diversity in the counties territory.


Economy of Great Britain

Great Britain is highly developed economy with mostly market-oriented direction. By GDP Great Britain is the fifth largest economy in the world. Great Britain is also one of the leader’s exporters of goods and the biggest contributor to countries economics is financial sector and service sector overall, which means the population is spread in service labor jobs.

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