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Top 5 Reasons to Study a Master’s Degree in the Czech Republic

Every year the number of applicants for master’s degrees in Czech universities is growing rapidly and there are many good reasons for this.

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5 main reasons for applying for a master’s degree in the Czech Republic

There are a huge number of reasons why students come to the Czech Republic to obtain a master’s degree, but let’s highlight 5 main ones:

Free education

Education in public universities in the Czech Republic is free for all students. It is enough to know the Czech language, which is realistic to achieve with the help of preparatory language courses.

European quality

The high quality of education meets European standards and is recognized throughout the world. One of the oldest universities in the world, Charles University, is located in Prague. It is included in the world ranking. Moreover, one of the most prestigious technical universities in Europe, CTU, is also located here.

Actual theoretical and practical knowledge

Diplomas from Czech universities are highly valued in the professional environment due to the level of education and prestige of the oldest Czech universities. Czech graduates of master’s degrees are always in demand on the Czech and European labor market. Almost 80% of students work in their specialty and undergo internships in large companies, including international ones.

High quality of life

The Czech Republic guarantees a high standard of living, much higher than in other countries of Eastern Europe, while the cost of living and food is lower here than in other countries of the European Union.

Unique cultural heritage

Prague, better than any other city in Europe, has preserved architectural monuments, many of which are more than 1000 years old. Prague Castle was founded in the 10th century AD and is the largest castle in the city on the entire continent. More than 10 architectural styles are represented in the capital, from Gothic to Cubism. The historic city center has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and if you decide to study in Prague, you can observe these beauties every day.

Requirements for foreign graduate students

When applying for a master’s program at a Czech university, foreigners must present a certificate of nostrification of a bachelor’s degree. Nostrification must be obtained at one of the country’s state universities.

State universities in the Czech Republic have departments for the nostrification of foreign diplomas. The disciplines indicated in the foreign diploma are compared with the corresponding programs of the Czech university. If the programs coincide, the foreign diploma is recognized as equivalent to the diploma of the Czech university. Diploma nostrification usually takes 2 months. Also, many universities require foreigners to have a certificate of knowledge of the Czech language at the B2 level.

Full-time or combined form of studying

Most master’s programs in Czech universities involve full-time education.

Some specialties can be studied in a combined form (participation in lectures and seminars is supplemented by distance learning using on-line materials). But foreign students need to keep in mind that only full-time studies give them the right to receive a student visa.

Acceptance of applications for the magistracy

It is important to apply on time when applying for a master’s program at a Czech university. For example, Charles University in Prague accepts applications from graduate students until the end of February, and the Higher School of Economics in Prague and the Czech Technical University in Prague until the end of April.

Entrance exams

Examinations for the master’s degree, as a rule, take place in late May – June – early July. Upon admission to most areas in the exam, it is necessary to demonstrate knowledge in the volume of the state exam of the relevant bachelor’s specialty.

It is not necessary to have a diploma of the relevant bachelor’s degree. The main thing is to have the appropriate knowledge. The exception is technical specialties, psychology, and medicine.

Exams can take the form of written tests or an oral interview with a panel.

Learning process

The studying process in the Czech Republic is based on the credit system. Each item has a credit equivalent. In total, the 2-year master’s program implies receiving 120 credits. In a year, as a rule, you need to get 60 credits; for a semester – 30. Each faculty sets the minimum number of credits that must be obtained for transfer to the next stage of the study.

The subjects studied are divided into compulsory subjects (which students must study to be admitted to the state exam) and compulsory elective subjects (which the student chooses from a list of subjects offered by the department or faculty). 

To graduate and receive a diploma, a student needs to get 120 credits, complete all compulsory subjects, pass state final exams and defend his/her diploma.

Studying for free in the master’s program is available for 3 years

The standard term of study for a continuing master’s degree is 2 years. A student who has not managed to fulfill all the conditions for completing the program in two years has the right to extend the term of study. If the student extends his/her studies for more than a year, he/she must pay the university the amount established for exceeding the standard period of study by more than a year.

The maximum period of study in the continuing master’s degree is 5 years.

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