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Tips to finding student accommodation in London 

If you are planning to live in a university residence in London, the accommodation service can help you. They also have lists of private landlords who rent rooms to students or contact a real estate agency and look for ads on the internet. Some websites search for private housing in the UK, and they are easy to find by entering the city and type of housing in the search engine, for example, studio flat or room in a shared house.

Here are examples of sites:


Types of student housing

It will mainly depend on who you choose to live with. Do you want to live separately or with other people? With other students or in a family setting? You can choose from the following options.

Student hostel

In the hostel, you will have your room, but also the opportunity to socialize with other students from different countries. Some rooms even have their bathroom, and the kitchen will be shared with several other students. The hostel has many advantages: no utility bills, low deposit, and high-quality service, which you cannot be sure of when renting housing privately. The rent will be around £ 600-700 a month in London and £ 400-500 in other cities.

If you are not a student of a particular university or your university cannot offer you a room that suits you, there are independent hostels, where you can apply privately. You can find their lists here:


One or two-room apartment

If you like not to be disturbed, this is the best option. But keep in mind that to use it, you will either have to pay for the entire year in advance or you must have a guarantor (a permanent resident of the UK, ready to take on your financial obligations). This is the most expensive option and will cost you £ 500-700 a month outside London and £ 800-1500 in a residential area of ​​London. Students do not pay council tax but do not forget about utility bills, which can sometimes be included in rent.

To get an idea of ​​how much it costs to rent an apartment in different areas of London, take a look at this map.

Renting a room in a student house

Would you rather live with other students, meet new people with whom you can spend your free time? Then this option will suit you. Home sizes can range from two to eight bedrooms but typically include four or five bedrooms. We recommend that you get to know your future neighbors before you make a decision or if you have acquaintances from your university, then live with them. If you are looking for housing from your country in advance, then it is safer to choose a hostel or arrange with people you know to look at the house in which you want to rent a room. This is the cheapest option and will cost you £ 350-450 a month outside London or £ 500-600 in London. Here again, utility bills can be included, so it’s worth asking the owner of the house about this.

You can find information about private renting on the UK Council for International Students Affair website.


Would you like to improve your English level? Then family life with native speakers will help you. In a family, you will receive more care and attention, as well as advice on the local lifestyle. You will be able to participate in family activities and even arrange to have meals prepared for you (optional)! This option is usually suitable for language school students and is usually provided for a shorter period (up to a year). Prices can range from £ 500-600 per month in smaller cities to £ 650-800 in London.

Each of these types of housing has its pros and cons, and only you can make the right choice. How much do you want to spend? Who would you like to live with? Comfortable accommodation will greatly affect the way you spend your time in the UK, and it will be worth the effort to find one.

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