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Theme parks of United Kingdom

Theme park

Recently, Trip Advisor revealed the best theme parks in the UK according to visitors’ reviews. Therefore, in this guide, we will see which theme parks in the UK were deemed as the best ones by their visitors.

Paultons Park, Hampshire

This theme park in Britain is well suited for families with young children. Home to the dinosaur theme park and Peppa Pig World, this amusement park is named as the best one in the UK for four years in a row.

In Paultons Park, over 700 different rides and attractions are available on 140 acres of land. Furthermore, it is located near the breathtaking New Forest National Park, so taking a peaceful picnic break will also be an option.

The Milky Way Adventure Park, Devon

The Milky Way Adventure Park is popular for its various shows as well as rides and indoor and outdoor attractions. There are lots of different activities the children will love. These include dodgems, laser shooting, archery, and more.

Almost every day you can witness the Bird of Prey show and wizard-like performance by juggling semi-finalist on Britain’s Got Talent – Merlin. And of course, the park is home to many fun roller coasters like Cosmic Typhoon.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Lancashire

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the UK. This theme park is well-known for its wooden rollercoasters – Blue Flyer, the Big Dipper, Grand National, and Nickelodeon Streak. Its newest rollercoaster called ICON is the best-rated ride according to visitors. Furthermore, the park has the most roller coasters of any park in Britain. There are ten roller coasters from which four are made from wood.

Clifton Park, Rotherham

Rated as the fourth-best theme park in the UK, Clifton Park has plenty to offer to a family with kids. The park is divided into many areas with various attractions like mini-golf area, play area, Clifton express mini-train, water splash area, and more. For those eager to learn something new, there is a museum taking its visitors through the rich history of Rotherham. If you will want to stretch your legs, a beautiful park is situated on the grounds as well.

Sundown Adventureland, Retford

Sundown Adventureland is well-suited for families with kids under 10. There are lots of things to see, explore, and ride on. With its Rocky Mountain Railroad, Rodeo Corral Indoor Play Area, Sundown Adventureland and Angry Birds Activity Park, this amusement park is an adventurous place for young kids.

Adventure Island, Essex

With over 40 different rides and attractions, Adventure Island does a great job representing its name. Whatever the weather, the amusement park offers great adventures to everyone. The best part is – this amusement park in the UK has free entry to all. However, each ride requires a fee.

Crealy Adventure Park & Resort – Devon

Being the largest theme park in Devon, Crealy Adventure Park offers a great variety of shows, rides, and indoor play areas for young children. The best part is that your children will get to see over 200 cuddly farm and zoo animals.

If you plan on staying in Devon for a few days, you should check out the 7 days for 1 offer. By buying a ticket for one day in this amusement park, you will get seven days for the price of one. However, the offer is only valid if you purchase your ticket on one of the following dates – 7, 4, or 1.

Brighton Palace Pier, East Sussex

Brighton Palace Pier is rumored to be one of the finest protected structures. It is also packed with fun activities like great rides, arcades, and more. This theme park in the UK is well suited for children of all ages. Furthermore, it has a great seaside feel with a promenade, so the whole family will enjoy their time here.

Harbour Park, Littlehampton

Harbour Park is a theme park that is suited for the whole family. Its location near the famous East Beach in Littlehampton makes it a great choice for a warm summer day. On the grounds, you will find many traditional rides like water chute, arcades, play areas, and dodgems.

Alton Towers, Staffordshire

Spread over 500 acres of land in Staffordshire, Alton Towers is the largest theme park in the UK. With over 50 rides suited for all ages, Alton Towers is well suited for children, teens, and parents themselves. The complex includes hotels and wooden lodges as well as a restaurant, so your family will be covered whatever your needs.


These were the 10 best-rated theme parks in the UK according to the visitors’ reviews on Trip Advisor. Hopefully, our guide helped you to narrow down your choices to a few that truly match your family’s needs. 

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