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Europe: Cheapest countries to live

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Some European countries are extremely cheap but their living conditions can be not very inviting. We have put together a list of the cheapest and most comfortable places to live in Europe.

Sofia, Bulgaria

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It is one of the cheapest place to live in Europe nowadays. Moreover, Sofia is much cheaper than lots of popular cities in Asia. The average daily cost there is about 22 euros. Lots of tourist come to Sofia to explore its attractions. These days many young people from all over the world go to Sofia to work (the average monthly salary is about 715 euros). There is a vibrant community of young internationals in this city, by the way.

Bled, Slovenia

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Located in Southern Europe, it is a perfect place not only for living, but also for travelling. Bled is a popular place with the tourists because of the watersports and beautiful nature. The city is situated at an altitude of 505 meters. The average salary in Bled is just about 800 euros per month. Total daily cost of living in the city for two persons with a child is around 21 euros (648 euros per month, no rent price included).

Belgrade, Serbia

It is also one of the cheapest place to live and travel in Europe. The average salary in Belgrade (after tax) is around 440 euros. There are lots of cheap things to do in the city, if you are a usual tourist in Serbia. The average daily cost on a budget there is about 25 euros. It is comparatively low. Moreover, the prices of foodstuffs are not high, and you do not need to pay much for your lunch in the cafes or fast food places.

Zagreb, Croatia

The capital city of Croatia is among the cheapest place to live in Europe too. The average daily cost in Zagreb is around 25 euros. If you are going to work in the city, your wages (after tax) can be about 900 euros. Zagreb offers a really good quality of life. For renting one-room apartment you can pay not more than 350 euros per month. The prices for a good dinner are also acceptable in comparison to the costs of living (around 20 euros).

Budapest, Hungary

Cost of living in Budapest is much cheaper than in other countries of Western Europe. The average daily cost on a budget is about 26 euros. However, the wages are also lower there (about 750 euros). Moreover, Budapest is one of the largest tourist center in Europe. You can find lots of sights there. If you want to feel at home, you should command of the local language.

Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava is nowadays one of the most popular and cheapest place to live in Europe. More and more tourists visit the city every year. You can eat and drink well in Bratislava, find plenty of attractions to see there. However, the city is not as cheap as the capitals of Bulgaria, Serbia, or Hungary, but it also offers better living conditions. The average daily cost of living is less than 32 euros. Your wages can be about 1060 euros per month.

Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius has pretty cheap connections to mainland Europe these days. If you are going to move in this city, the entire Baltic region will be available to you. The daily cost of living for family is less than 35 euros (1080 euros per month). The prices of foodstuffs are comparatively low in Vilnius. The average salary in the city is about 900 euros per month. Moreover, renting apartments in the center city or outside the center of Vilnius is also not too expensive.

Warsaw, Poland

The capital city of Poland is situated in the middle between Eastern and Western Europe. Daily cost of living in Warsaw is about 30 euros. The average wages are much higher there than the other cities on this list (around 960 euros). To tell the truth, Warsaw is a perfect place to live when you think about value for money. These days a lot of young people come to the city to study in higher education. If you are going to Warsaw for leisure, you can find lots of interesting attractions there.

Tallinn, Estonia

The capital city of Estonia is a little more expensive compared to the other cities on this list, but the living conditions there are also slightly better. Tallinn is an excellent mix of old architecture and modern buildings. Estonia nowadays allows foreigners to set up a business without any problems. That is why lots of people from different countries come to Tallinn to live. The average salary in the city is about 1200 euros, and the average daily cost on a budget is about 70 euros.

Valletta, Malta

Valletta could be a really gorgeous place, if you want a relaxed lifestyle. It has been designated European Capital of Culture in 2018, by the way. The average monthly wages in the capital city of Malta is around 1060 euros. The prices for renting apartments in the city center and outside the center is comparatively high (about 700-900 euros for a family). Daily cost of living in Valletta is more than 80 euros.

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