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Singapore: visa rejection reasons

Flag of Singapore

You and your family can live in Singapore with the assurance that your safety is never jeopardized. It is why practically everyone is applying for a Singapore visa and wants to visit Singapore, whether for business, study, or recreation.

The visitor’s citizenship determines the visa necessities for visiting Singapore, the estimated length of residence in the country, and the reason for the trip.  To get entrance to Singapore, all travelers, including visa-free tourists, must obtain the Singapore Digital Arrival Card, or SG Arrival Card, according to Singaporean visa legislation.

Reasons why Singaporean visa gets denied

If you are planning to apply for a Singaporean visa, you must make sure that you do not make the following blunders:



  • Application in Two Ways

Individuals who apply for a visa to Singapore more than once are more prone to be denied. The Singapore Embassy rejects double visa requests. You may have applied for the permit two times to obtain it easily. But this will turn out badly, and you will not be allowed to reapply for some time. Therefore, I requested a visa only one time and waited for the division to be made.


  • Earlier Trip

You would be shocked if you had previously traveled to Singapore and were declined a visa for the next trip. In such circumstances, it’s better to figure out what went bad in the first instance. You will most likely be denied admittance if you were recorded performing any criminal or unethical activity on your previous trip. It also implies if you have stayed more than your visit duration. If you have ever resided in Singapore after your visa’s eligibility has ended, you will be banned, and your future visa request will be refused.



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  • Blur Photographs

Your permit may be denied if the pictures are blurry. The Singaporean Embassy does not approve photos that are filtered. Your image must be vivid and should display all your characteristics correctly. White must be the backdrop tone. Furthermore, be certain that the picture is updated (not more than three months). In addition, presenting improper information can result in your visa being denied. Your visa will almost certainly be denied if your passport is less than six months old. Furthermore, differences between the data given on the requested document and the content on the passport can result in a visa denial.



  • Interviewing Issues

If you are a student seeking to apply for a study visa, you might face rejection due to errors in your interview. Since student visa interviews are approximately 2–3 minutes long, the candidate has only one opportunity to create a good first impact. While a consulate is not intended to examine an individual’s language skills, it is nonetheless considered. The failure to describe why you chose the specific institution could be disastrous. Incapability to define how a program aligns with one’s future goals is also grounds for rejection. Inability to respond to quick, typical queries. Prolonged, confusing replies are inconvenient. The candidate’s behavior throughout the questioning is also evaluated.



  • Wrong Visa Type

Applicants frequently choose the incorrect visa type and are subsequently denied. It’s critical to do your homework on the sort of visa you’re looking for, as qualifications and criteria may vary. Double-check that you are undoubtedly requesting the appropriate visa. Assure you can fulfill the criteria and restrictions for the visa you’re applying for. Make no conclusions about your visa qualification only because you meet the requirements for another visa.


Who can apply and who cannot apply for a Singaporean visa?

Almost everyone is eligible to apply for a visa in Singapore. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. If a person has a criminal record or has engaged in any illegal activity in their hometown, he won’t be allowed to apply for a visa. The individual may also be unable to apply for a visa if they have a health problem that requires treatment in their home country.

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