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Why you must visit U.S.A.

It also has a rather large population (327 millions), therefore, it is considered to be a populous country. Another outstanding trait the US has a diverse geography, wildlife and climate in general as it is also one of the 17  extremely diverse countries around the globe.


Historical distinctions of the United States of America

As the US emerged from the 13 British colonies, it has gone through several major disputes known as the American revolution and the French and Indian war, the Civil war, Spanish-American war, the Cold war. As the years have passed America adopted its own bill of rights, civil liberties and acquired new territories by expanding its borders. The slavery was abolished and the country began its industrial revolution, which led to stating country’s manufacturing sector as the second-largest in the world. The US also gained the military power, was the first country do develop nuclear weapons. After all of the struggles and transformations America has survived, it has become the world’s oldest federation or a federal republic.

The United States of America is referred to be a rather diverse nation. This diversity spans from people, who are racially diverse – the immigrates and natives living together, sharing their cultural traditions as well as the political beliefs. Therefore, it is a very multicultural country.

The US has a rich historical heritage, which is empowered by famous historical landmarks spread all over the country. These are more than 35 thousand museums, monuments, memorials, galleries and other major spots of entertainment.

Such historical heritage leads to the formation of various tourist attractions. Besides the monumental part of the country, it has also got a rather developed, up to date infrastructure. Moreover, America’s famous infrastructure, which includes one of the world’s best shopping malls, restaurants, theatres, cinemas and others places of interest, from time to time are facing global modernization in order to better suit the needs of its consumers (tourists, travelers, business people, etc.).

All the tourists attracted to the country have a great opportunity to find themselves a good place to stay as the US is also known by its famous large hotel chains such as Four Seasons resort, Waldorf Astoria, Fairmont Grand del Mar and Casa del Mar, and other modern means of accommodation, including couch surfing, exchange home practices, hostels and others. Due to the Americans having a merely lightweighted approach since the Woodstock era, their way of viewing life’s fundamentals (home, food, entertainment) is slightly different. The country has gone through many periods of protest and unrest, becoming a result of such approach.

Hippie culture has brought a freedom of expression to Americans, which resulted in even more artistic influence of fashion and style inspiration. Literally, the country has developed its own sense of fashion during the decades of cultural transformations. Today world’s inhabitants rely on its trends, fashion gigs and style icons and celebrities wearing clothes and accessories made by Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Carolina Herrera, Henry Levy, Marc Jacobs and other famous designers.

Besides fashion, the United States develops and nurtures its traditions. World’s most spectacular public holiday celebrations and festivals are being held on its territory. This includes popular events such as the New Year and a Christmas Eve feasts, Valentine’s day and Haloween feasts, the Independence Day and Thanksgiving celebrations, Labor day, which often are specially arranged and take place in Central Park, Christmas town, Downtown Holiday Market, Christkindlmarket, Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, Park city, Jamestown and other publicly exposed lovely places.

Another public attraction which can be the reason to visit the US is due to its nature admiration. The country has many national parks and intentionally created hiking trails for all the nature lovers. The most popular of them are: the Pacific crest trail, (California) John Muir trail (California), the Continental divide trail (New Mexico), Appalachian Trail (Maine), The Long trail (Vermont), the Hayduke trail (Arizona), the Grand Enchantment trail (Arizona), the Ozark Highlands trail (Arkansas).

Some people are going to America to see the scenic views of its 58 national parks. However, some wish to experience a new way of living by moving to America in order to explore and/ or develop their hobbies such as football (America has 32 football teams), baseball, basketball (WNBA), soccer (MLS), ice hockey (NHL), golf, tennis, stock car racing (NASCAR) and wrestling (WWF).

Such activities lead to one more evolving industry of America – the game industry. The modern escape games are available in America in a variety of means and places such as Nashville, Houston, Dallas, Orlando, Greenville and others.

However, some people see gaining fame and popularity as the main reason to visit the United States as the most mind blowing celebrity spots are located there while also being the fame factories (Silicon Valley, Hollywood, Beverly hills), where the stars have been raised for MTV, VH1, Walt Disney, Warner as well as others less known brands and production companies.

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