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Human rights in France

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Human rights have a uniting property to give the same protection to the globe. Human rights translate its actions into political contribution as well as diplomatic attitude. These actions are very needed in modern society to clear the way to more peaceful living in very diverse world.

France had made a draft of Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen in year 1789. At that time the United States Declaration of Independence is was set as example of this kind of document. This document has set many boundaries and protections over people and society in general by granting the protection to groups like LGBTI, religions and other groups living in France.

Censorship laws are not conventionally had in territory of France, but by French law in media outlets it is forbidden to use racist or any kind of hate speech that involves the debate about sensitive topics such as religion, race, ethnicity, gender, etc.

France has made statements of protecting rights of women, freedom of choosing a religion, minority ethnicity protection and other statements in the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen.

Recently, in year 2018 there have been some changes and French government is striving to make a difference and create better conditions for foreigners to join as well as residents to understand the human rights movement more.

Freedom of religion has been made by constitutional rights that were made in year 1789. The practice to not wear any religion symbolic in public has been one of the reasons to seal the conflicts between the French residents for decades as it is forbidden to wear cross or and religion symbolic to schools, work or any public event or situation to keep the discrimination under control.

Human rights organizations

There are some human rights organizations in France that have different focus points. For example, Amnesty International is a popular human rights organization that was founded in London. Now it is running in many countries and attracting more activists for human rights.

GISTI that is an abbreviation of the French name of organization that deals with protection of foreigner and immigrant human rights. The main focus is defending the rights on debates about migration policies, etc.

MRAP is another abbreviation of a non-profit organization that protects humans from any form of racist behavior. This non-profit tries to make sure racism is not happening in France.

Human Rights Watch is international organization that also is running in France. Its main tasks include conducting research on human rights and topics related to this.

Freedom of speech

In year 2012 France had many cases of deaths of the journalists and reporters when more and more free speeches in texts, press columns and other news outlets were shared. France generally is a supporter of freedom of expression with involvement of Council of Europe.

France had stepped up when internet became a thing where freedom of expression became important. The internet opened new struggles for protection of human rights as the concept of free speech became an internet-phenomenon.

Internet opened two categories of initiatives that were taken by international human right organizations, like defense of free speech on internet that is regulated by Human Rights Council and second category is combating the racist, anti-Semitic or other propaganda on internet.

France is very committed to protecting the journalists, especially when it is happening in areas of conflict. France is one of the countries involved in protecting journalists within UNESCO and The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights organizations.

Sexual orientation and gender identity

France accepts and tries to fight for the acceptance of every human form of diversity and universal human rights. France has recently working with non-profit organizations to spread the awareness of homosexuality and gender identity.

In summer of 2011, France worked towards drafting a Human Rights Council Resolution on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity that is actively supported and bought forward by the French government.

In year 2016 the resolution on the violence and any discrimination of sexual orientation, identity of a human being or anything regarding human and their gender and sexuality was presented and the first official Independent Expert on protection of these rights was created – Victor Madrigal-Borloz.

France has also been very active in Europe’s contributions to create more promoted and protected environment for gays, bisexuals and lesbians as well as many gender identities and more.

France was the first to join Equal Rights Coalition that protects and respects the LGBTI rights and is more closely getting involved in protecting the part of society of the French people.

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