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Reasons to Travel to Israel for Medical Treatment

A huge number of people visit Israel every year in order to receive high-quality medical services at an affordable price. There are dozens of modern medical centers in the country where you can take advantage of the latest achievements in oncology, neurosurgery, reproductive medicine, or other high-tech branches of medicine.

Why choose Israel?

Israel is considered one of the best options for value for money. Here you can get treatment cheaper than in the USA or Western Europe, but get medical services of the same high level.

Several reasons why you should go to Israel for treatment:

  • In 2019, Israel was ranked sixth in the Bloomberg annual healthcare performance index. This country has moved up one position compared to 2018;
  • In the ranking of the International Center for Health Research (IHRC), Israel ranks first in the quality of medical services among 41 countries of the world;
  • 20 Israeli clinics already have JCI accreditation. There is no doubt about the quality of the medical services they provide;
  • Israeli doctors are considered some of the best in the world. They train not only in local hospitals but also in the USA and Europe. The total period of studying and internship in Israel takes 12-13 years;
  • Patients are examined and treated using the latest equipment. Leading Israeli clinics use the O-ARM computerized navigation systems, the Da Vinci robot assistant for operations, the SpineAssist machine for spinal surgery, and the IRE NanoKnife device;
  • Minimally invasive treatment is preferred. Whenever possible, doctors try to do without surgery. If they are necessary, they are performed with access through the body’s natural openings or minimal incisions on the body;
  • In Israel, you can not only undergo treatment but also improve the body. The country is located in several climatic zones. The climate here is unique. Israel is located on the shores of the Mediterranean, Red, Dead Sea, and Sea of ​​Galilee.

Medical tourists are attracted by the high efficiency of operations and complex procedures, the low risk of complications, the possibility of minimally invasive treatment, and quick recovery.

The Israel Medical Tourism Association makes treatment in this country safe for the patient. This organization works in partnership with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Tourism. It removes unscrupulous medical tourism companies from the market, provides patients with legal support. In the hospitals that are members of the Association, you are guaranteed to receive high-quality services.

Top 3 reasons to travel to Israel for medical services

Below there are the top 3 reasons why foreigners come to Israel for medical treatment:

Acceptable prices

The Ministry of Health oversees pricing in Israel. If compare Israel’s medicine with American or European, then in the price-quality ratio, Israel is ahead. 

Experienced staff

Local specialists have extensive experience in the treatment of chronic diseases, including all types of cancer. Among them are those who are the author of special techniques and developments. Such intellectuals of medicine give their strength and abilities for the benefit of humanity. And this does not go unnoticed. Besides, the international clinical department oversees the control of comfortable and effective treatment.

Among those who most often plan treatment in Israel, some people are not completely sure of their diagnosis. As a rule, people come here with such problems:

  • oncological diseases;
  • cardiovascular disorders;
  • problems of the musculoskeletal system;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Whatever diagnosis a person encounters, Israel’s multidisciplinary medical institutions are ready to accept everyone. Here they will be able to conduct a full examination and make an accurate diagnosis.

Affordable treatment

If in the past, people could only dream of planning treatment abroad, today, almost everyone has such an opportunity. As already emphasized above, because all prices for treatment in Israel are strictly controlled, there is no medical corruption and bribery in the country.

There is a specific list that includes the basic procedures that must be performed in each medical facility. It applies to both private clinics and government centers. Also, there is no difference between the treatment of patients from the CIS countries and Europe.

It is quite natural that in some clinics the prices for treatment in Israel will be lower. It depends on the level of the hospital itself, as well as the choice of a particular specialist. Many private centers employ specialists with a scientific degree, and the price of a consultation will be more expensive than that of ordinary doctors. The prices for diagnostic examinations and therapeutic procedures are significantly lower here than in European countries. As a rule, a person can familiarize themselves with the basic prices even before arriving in the country. These data are provided based on the patient’s medical history and related documentation.

It is worth being prepared for the fact that you will have to conduct a second examination, since the reliability of the test result obtained at home may not correspond to reality. Regardless of the diagnosis, the patient can count on precisely matched treatment, the most painless procedures and operations, and low prices.

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