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Reasons to visit Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan Baku

Although the country is located in a very beautiful geographical location, there is way more to it than just the beauty of the land. Therefore, we will explore the top reasons to visit Azerbaijan. Hopefully, through these reasons, you will gain an insight into the wonders this country has to offer.

Land of Fire

As I briefly mentioned before, Azerbaijan is called the Land of Fire. Even the state emblem portrays red flame. This is due to the close relationship locals have to the fire.

For the ancients, Azerbaijan was a place of mystery. Back then, local people worshipped land elements over anything else. Therefore, when the land started to burn on its own, it was a great mystery and many came to visit this wonder.

But now we know the science behind this phenomenon. The land of Azerbaijan contains large reserves of oil and natural gas. When the land is under pressure, the underground gas gets released providing fuel to continuous fire. Therefore, the country of Azerbaijan carries endless flames that earned the name of “Land of Fire”.

We believe that seeing an endless fire in the mountains is a worthy reason to visit Azerbaijan and experience the local culture that evolved around this phenomenon.

Historical landmarks

Every year, the rich historical and cultural heritage of Azerbaijan attracts many visitors. Three of the local landmarks in Azerbaijan have significant historical value and therefore are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

For example, the carved cobblestone landmarks are a rare monument of the first centers of human civilization. Furthermore, over 6000 rock drawings, human settlements, and tombstones are scattered across the country of Azerbaijan.

Another very well-known example is the historical center of Baku – the capital of Azerbaijan. The center is another UNESCO monument showcasing a beautiful architectural conservation area.

If you visit this unique country, you will get a rare chance to get an insight into the life of the early Stone Age people to the people of later ages.

Modern infrastructure

Alongside its historical sites, the capital of Azerbaijan – Baku has gained its popularity with the modern architecture of its buildings.

The most well-known buildings in the city are Flame Towers. These, once again, represent the connection that this country has with fire. Other modern monuments are the Heydar Aliyev Center, Crystal Hall concert complex, and the carpet museum of Azerbaijan. Together with the renovated Baku Boulevard, the infrastructure of this city is as modern as ever.

Unique nature

Azerbaijan has a wide variety of natural contrasts. From subtropics to alpine meadows, you can experience 9 of the 11 main climatic types on earth. This means that you can visit many unique landscapes all at once.

Just imagine more than 8 thousand rivers cutting through the land of Azerbaijan. In contrast, you would have to travel through a desert-like landscape to visit the local Garasu Volcano.

Garasu Volcano might be one of the most unusual things you can do in Azerbaijan. Instead of melted rock, these volcanoes project mud into the air. Some of them can shoot the mud up to 1000 meters up in the air. Just going to this place will make you feel like you are on the moon. This is one of the many great reasons why you should visit Azerbaijan.

Diversity of activities

One of the main strategic aims of Azerbaijan is to diversify the offered activities to attract tourism. Continuous diversification takes place to open more opportunities for the development of the country.

One such project is the Shahdag ski resort. It can receive up to 5000 people at once and its home is the beautiful mountains of Shahdag national park.

Every year, new tourist attractions are built in hope to attract more visitors. This means you can get first-class traveling for a relatively low price. You can also reserve off-road tours, mountain excursions, and many more tours to explore this beautiful country.

Traditions and local culture

Well-preserved local culture traditions and arts drive the international popularity of Azerbaijan. Local symbols, such as the Azeri carpet, quickly-paced national dances, Novruz festival, and many more local traditions receive well-deserved recognition.

Another great way to experience the local culture is to indulge in the wonders of cuisine. The local cuisine of Azerbaijan might be the most interesting one in the East. It typically consists of different meat, fish, and vegetable dishes supplemented by flavorful herbs and spices.


Each year Azerbaijan becomes more popular tourism destinations. There are many reasons to visit this beautiful country.

One of the top reasons to visit Azerbaijan is its wild spirit. Unlike many other countries that are overwhelmed with tourism, Azerbaijan is a country that hasn’t lost its local traditions.

The untouched nature and unique landscapes offering high contrasts, together with the architecture, and unique modern buildings, cuisine, and local culture will make you fall in love with this country immediately.

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