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Reasons to immigrate to Portugal 

Despite recent world events, Portugal’s popularity among expats has not diminished. It has long been a popular country in Europe. But if you’ve ever questioned whether moving to Portugal is the greatest option for you and your family, here are the top benefits.

There are numerous benefits to living in Portugal, and if you’re thinking about moving there but want to know more before deciding, take a look at the reasons why so many people do so in the list below.

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The climate in Portugal is among the primary factors for people to relocate there. The majority of people relocating here seem to be from locations like the United Kingdom and Ireland, the northern United States, Canada, and Northern Europe, and they seem to appreciate it.

Although there may be some changes depending on where you are in Portugal, the country generally features a Mediterranean climate.

Portugal typically experiences moderate temperatures that are neither excessively hot nor overly cold, however, there can be changes due to influences from both the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the southern Mediterranean coast. While winters are pleasant to chilly with brief intervals of rain, summers are warm to hot and dry.


Another factor in individuals moving to Portugal is the country’s geographic position. London is relatively accessible because it can be reached by plane in around two and a half hours. There are numerous direct flights to/from Lisbon to other regions of the world, as well as to Ireland and the rest of Europe.

Portugal’s proximity to other European countries, many of which have quick flights, makes it simple for individuals who are still employed to attend business meetings across the continent. Additionally, for retirees, the quick travel time appeals to visiting relatives and friends throughout the summer months.


You shouldn’t be concerned if you’re thinking, “I want to relocate to Portugal, but I’m not sure how secure it is.” The 2020 Global Peace Index ranked Portugal as the third safest nation in the world, making it one of the safest nations in Europe.

Its political stability over many years and the fact that its overall crime rates are among the lowest in Europe account for its third-place finish, just behind Iceland and New Zealand. Since it has been in the top 5 since 2016, it has risen higher as a result of these elements, as well as its positive relations with its neighbors and the rarity of terrorist attacks or violent protests.

Therefore, safety is also another factor that draws visitors to this stunning region of Europe.


Portuguese culture is extensive and varied. They have a rich history that has absorbed influences from numerous other cultures, and they are now expertly woven into daily life in Portugal. Portuguese culture incorporates elements of the Moorish, Germanic, and even Viking cultures even though it is primarily a Roman Catholic nation.

The Portuguese culture has evolved into a distinctive one, including everything from literature to music to cuisine. The Portuguese have a deep appreciation for the arts and literature, and music — in particular, the melancholy, dismal Fado — is closely woven into everyday life. Its melodies and lyrics frequently feature references to the water and express melancholy, longing, and nostalgia.

Cost of living

Overall, Portugal is thought to have lower living expenses than both North America and the majority of its northern European neighbors. Although the price of real estate varies greatly depending on where you choose to live, there are some locations where you can get a good deal. Whether you are renting or purchasing a home, the cost of real estate in places like Lisbon and Porto as well as the Algarve can be your biggest outlay.

Your regular expenses for bills and lifestyle, however, can astound you. According to Numbeo, the average monthly utility bill for water, electricity, and gas is €100. (heating). Our monthly utility costs in the UK range from £150 to £180.

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